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Year of birth : 1971

Age: 44 year

Place of birth : Arlington ,Virginia, United States

Citizenship : United States


Background The group began in 1970, when Bobby Liebling joined the band "Space meat". When Hellovin 1971, its name was changed to "Pentagram", as a group the number O`Kif Jeff (guitar) , Vincent McAllister (bass) and Steve Martin (drums) . Wanting to sound as loud as possible ,the musicians took the example of the "Blue cheer" and "Groundhogs", turning out their amps at full capacity.

After some time of community joined by a second guitarist, John Jennings, but after the project was in a coma because of the departure of Martin three months. At the beginning of 1972, "Pentagram" return to activity, some redistributing responsibilities.Liebling played the guitar and sang, O`Kif moved for drums, and McAllister was on bass.

But Bobby did not like to combine the two positions, and a guitar he shoved Vincent and bassist Greg became Maine. In "Be forewarned" of such a configuration, the band released their debut single. However, the record was published under the name "Macabre", rather than "Pentagram",because at that time the musicians have tried to find a new name. In the end, it turned out that it was better " pentagrams " anything you can imagine, and in December 1973 under the guise of the team played its first concert. In 1974 and 1975 the group appeared a second guitarist Randy Palmer, but both times his stay was short-lived in the composition.

PentagramV 1975th " pentagramschiki " began negotiations on the contract with "Columbia records", but more than a few sessions and a couple of demos is not moved. At the same time, and the famous "Kiss" tried to pull a group under the roof of their "Casablanca records". But here, the deal fell through ,as Bobby refused to sell the rights to a couple of their songs Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. In 1976 it took place the second guitarist Marty Iverson, but he also did not stay in the "Pentagram", as Liebling quarreled with his colleagues and the project fell apart at the end of the year. Two years later, Bobby met with drummer Joe Hasselvanderom. Both musicians liked heavy metal music and loved to work "Groundhogs", so eventually began performing together. Soon the name "Pentagram" again dragged into the daylight, recorded under this brand single, and. .. a standstill again.

Since 1981 Liebling began performing as a part of the gang "Death row",but by 1984 his fans forced the team to change the sign to " PentAgro ". Finally in 1985 came the long-awaited debut album. Hasselvander by that time had already disappeared, and was replaced by Stuart Rose. In 1987, they released their second album, "Day of reckoning". However, as for the first time, the label did not engaged in its promotion ,money for his musicians almost did not get, and it all led to yet another collapse of the team.

PentagramNo yet it was not the end, because creativity "Pentagram" interested representatives "Peaceville records" in 1990. They re-released the first two albums, and helped return Liebling group`s ranks Griffin Hasselvandera and Iverson. In 1994, he released a new studio album, "Be forewarned", which received rave reviews in the press. Two years later, the group was again subjected to changes, and new team members were drummer Gary Aysom and bassist Greg Turlov. With them, "Pentagram" played a series of concerts, but izthe strong desire of musicians to Drugs project has been closed again. In 1998, the Canadian firm "Downtime" released a compilation "Human hurricane", which includes the early period of the tracks 70.

The following year took the unexpected return of the " Pentagram " from the new album "Review your choice". The CD was recorded in tandem Liebling - Hasselvander ,the latter wrote to him the lion`s share of the songs and played all instrumental parts. The same trick musicians did in 2001, releasing the album "Sub-basement", includes not only the new songs, but also refreshed classics "Pentagram". One way or another, but in 2004, Joe did not take part in the regular sessions ,and the album "Show` em how " Liebling produced in the company Kelly Carmichael, Adam Heyntsmanna and Mike Smale.

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Pentagram photo
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