Penelope Valentine

Picture of Penelope Valentine

Date of Birth: 02/13/1943

Age: 59

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Penelope was born in London (London); in her veins flows a mixture of Italian and Jewish blood. In 1959, Valentine became a professional journalist; at first it worked in `Uxbridge Post`, then moved to a weekly magazine for teenage girls` Boyfriend`.

In 1964 Penelope joined the team daily music publication `Disc`, later renamed` Disc and Music Echo`; Valentine became a staff writer and columnist. Over time, Penelope Valentine was one of the most influential and authoritative country reviewers. Valentine was the first woman to write about music with such passion.

Penelope had a special interest in the soul and actively supported young musicians - like Aretha Franklin (Aretha Franklin) and Marvin Gaye (Marvin Gaye). Many memorable Valentine written a series of articles about the phenomenon of the so-called `Swing Londona` (` Swinging London`). Penelope was able to produce the material of which the other reporters had not dreamed of - musicians from bands like `The Beatles` and` Rolling Stones` with great pleasure talking with a charming zhurnalistkoy.V 1970 Penelope Valentine left the `Disc` in a new magazine, `Sounds`. In 1973, he Elton John (Elton John) - a good friend of Valentine - invited her to the press service of his label `Rocket Records`. Some time Penelope wrote for `Record Mirror` and American music magazine` Creem`.

For a while Valentine held in New York, then returned to London; there with the help of its new magazine, `Street Life` was launched. After `Street Life` Penelope moved` Time Out`; she went to the `City Limits` in 1980. Valentine has collaborated with a number of major social and political organizations such as the movement `Women in media` (Women in Media) and the National Union of zhurnalistov` `(` National Union of Journalists`).

Educated - and a BA in English and kinodela - Penelope took up teaching and literature; the most notable of its creation became released in 2000 in collaboration with Vicki Wickham (Vicki Wickham) biography Dusty Springfield (Dusty Springfield) `Dancing With Demons`.

In recent years, the life of Penelope Valentine suffered from cancer; this is exactly what was the cause of her death.