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Date of Birth: 12/22/1907

Age: 83

Birthplace: Croydon

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Ashcroft was born in Croydon (Croydon). From an early age it was obvious that she has a clear talent for performances on stage - she first became famous, however, only in 1929, after playing Naeemi (Naemi) in `Jew Zyuss` (` Jew Suss`). Two years later, Ashcroft had another fairly successful role - she had to play Desdemona in another formulation based on the immortal works of William Shakespeare (William Shakespeare); By the way, then I played Othello Roubson Paul (Paul Robeson), with which Edith at that time was just a short novel.

The really famous Ashcroft, however, was only in 1934, playing Juliet in a legendary setting `Romeo and Dzhuletta` (` Romeo and Juliet`) in the New Theatre ( `New Theatre`); Romeo and Mercutio then played Laurence Olivier (Laurence Olivier) and John Gielgud (John Gielgud). A little later, Ashcroft and Gielgud had been invited to the role of Beatrice and Benedict in Much Ado `nichego` (` Much Ado About Nothing`); in general, to work in a couple of them had more than once. First Beatrice by Edith Gielgud called a real revelation.

Throughout almost the whole of his career Ashcroft remained one of the most famous actresses of Britain; among the most successful of its work at that time should be called `Three sestry`, Naslednitsa`` ( `The Heiress`),` Antony and Kleopatra` ( `Antony and Cleopatra`),` How do you ponravitsya` ( `As You Like It` ) Tsimbelin` `(` Cymbelin`), `the Taming stroptivoy` (` the Taming of the Shrew`) and `war Roz` (` the War of the Roses`). Many also remember the game Peggy in the global project of the Royal Shakespeare Company (Royal Shakespeare Company) - staged three plays about Henry VI and Richard `III` (` Richard III`) directed by Peter Hall (Peter Hall).

In film and television Ashcroft appeared quite rare, but surprisingly successful. One of pervyhe

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