Paz Vega

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Date of Birth: 02/01/1976

Age: 40

Place of birth: Sevilla

Citizenship: Spain


Author: Olga Dunchik

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Paz Vega was born on January 2nd 1976 in Seville, in Andalusia, in Spain. At an early age, fascinated by theater and art activities, Vega decided to become a professional actress. Therefore, almost immediately after the completion of regular school, the actress entered the theater school, there to receive the necessary education actress. For two years she studied Paz school of acting, but then left it. She decided to move to Madrid, there to try their luck and become an actress.

After some time, Vega made her debut in a Spanish television series, but had not received much popularity and fame. Later, she appeared in several projects, Paz Vega (Paz Vega) has played in the film "Flirt". Shooting this film helped the actress - she began to move up the career ladder faster.

Soon Vega was one of the most sought-after actresses. The greatest popularity came to the Spaniard after taking part in the series "7 lives". Work on this project began in 1999, the year. The series is an analogue of the American "friends". Of course, after taking part in this film, the actress appeared many fans who still closely watching her work.

In general, the Spaniard appeared in over 10 films and serials of different nature. Paz took part in the shooting of such films as "The Avengers," "Take a chance to love me," "Teresa, death and life", "Spanish to English". Takzheakrisa appeared in the films "The other side of the bed", "Nobody knows anybody," "I`m sorry, I`m sorry." In addition, the actress starred in numerous TV series, some of which were the best Spanish television projects. Currently, Paz Vega (Paz Vega) continues active creative activity.

In 2002, Vega was married to Venezuelan Orson Salazar. In 2007, the year they had a son Orson. Today, loving parents with pleasure and are jointly raising heir.

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