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Date of Birth: 11/20/1976

Age: 40

Place of birth: n North.

Citizenship: Russia

Paul Trubiner - the image of a strong man

Paul Trubiner born in the suburban village of the North November 20, 1976. His entire family was related to military service - one of the grandfathers took Berlin, and the other served in special units. It is not surprising that as a child, Paul was not playing with tin soldiers, and this military ammunition, early acquaintance with the weapon and took a great interest in many sports, especially power. It was assumed that the boy will continue the family tradition and will also be a military, but all changed the case. Literature teacher suggested the class, where he studied Paul Trubiner put a scene from Gogol`s `Revizora`. Paul got the role of Strawberry, and suddenly his performance received a lot of accolades from teachers and classmates. Participation in the preparation of the performance as captured boy that military career lost its appeal. In addition, it turned out that the school in which he studied Paul planned reduction of high school, and continuing education is only good achievers can count to which he never belonged. Thinking about where to study further, a young man accidentally fell into the admissions office GITIS (RATA), which includes documents of his classmate, who dreams of becoming an actress. Looking as held listening that the girl was able to get past Paul also decided to try his luck. He filed the documents, came to the exam and passed it successfully, after which he was admitted to the workshop B.Golubovskogo.

In 1995, receiving a diploma, Paul Trubiner began to play on the stages of various Moscow theaters. One of his best roles became Talkinhorn in dramatization of Dickens` novel Cold dom`. However, the end of the nineties was a difficult time for theater actors and the movies at the time practically filmed. However Trubiner attended auditions and acted in small roles. His screen debut can assume the role of lieutenant on duty in the comedy series `Soldaty` (2004) and a small episode in the second season of` nachalnika` Citizen (2005). The first major role was the young actor in the criminal Kurbatov miniseries `Plus beskonechnost`. After the release of this project has become a recognizable actor, and was invited to auditions. Paul starred in the film adaptation of Dostoyevsky`s novel `Besy` (2006 Gaganov), in-crash film` Sdvig` (2006, Special Forces) in the action-packed detective `Agony straha` (2007, Sergei), in a criminal melodrama` sign sudby` (2007 , head of security). However, the real success came to an actor after the performance of the role of the charming, enigmatic Sasha at the resort romane` `(2007). Many of approving responses caused and the image of Cyril Voinov, leading the investigation of blackmail in the series` Private zakaz` (2007), after which the actor formed a fan group on the social networks.

There were changes in the script and television action time, which involved Turbiner Paul, but he rarely changed his role. In the list of the most prominent actor roles - brother of the Grand Duke Dmitry Yaroslavovich in `bitve` Nevsky (2008), skater Brattcev in the sports drama` Hot led` (2008), chivalrous Mikhail Voronin caused mixed reactions melodrama `` Just come back (2008)! and many other characters. The highest rating among viewers deserve such projects with the participation of Paul Trubiner as a military mini-series `Hunting Vervolfa` (2009, Nesterov), thriller` unnecessary lyudey` Island (2011, killer Pertussis), `Military razvedka` (2010-2012, Klim Pavlovsky), a mystical detective `Grach` (2012, Major Grachev).

Paul Trubiner has the gift of organically transmitting completely opposite characters, and looks equally convincing in the role of a gangster, a fearless warrior, a man with psychic abilities and other outstanding figures. In the series` Diary of Dr. Zaytsevoy` (2012) he created for himself the image of an unexpected gynecologist Romanian, however, bringing in this role, a certain proportion of irony; interesting happened and his performance as a journalist Podgorny in a criminal melodrama `Love oruzhiem` (2012). Caught the attention of spectators and TV shows as `shpionam` Death (2012), where Trubiner appeared in the role of lieutenant Terekhova, created based on real events Stanitsa`` (2013), where he recreated the image of the bandit leader, and `Stalina` Kill (2013) , where the actor played a German agent. Total to date Trubiner Paul starred in nearly sixty films and television series, and, of course, the audience expects a lot of interesting projects with his participation. Among recent works actor - the central role in melodrama `Vdovets` (2014), a historical thriller` solntse` Wolf (2014), a melodrama `Hurry lyubit` (2014). It is also preparing to show new projects such as the mystical series` Life after zhizni` and the thriller `Black reka` where Paul Trubiner appear in the usual manner for itself strong and courageous protagonists.

The story about the actor would not be complete without mention of his family. Trubiner does not like publicity, and trying to protect their loved ones from prying reporters and paparazzi. However, we know that Paul keeps pledged to childhood attachment to the sport, and his wife was repeated record holder for the pentathlon, and now coach and athletic Judge Olga Muhortova. Olga and Paul grow two sons - Paul and Alexander, who is also a child attached to the sport. The actor regularly visits the gym, on occasion likes to play football, like hunting - ordinary and underwater. During the break between the series on location `Kill Stalina` Paul Trubiner with Michael Porechenkova shot wild boar meat and treated his whole crew.

Author: Andrew Puminov

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