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Date of Birth: 04/23/1977

Age: 39

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

I - May not and do not intend to remain in this manner indefinitely!

Author: Eugene Kudryats

Website: Celebrities

Many viewers, regular-looking design of the 1st channel Russia - "Next", has long loved the image of Major GRU - Sergei Maisky. But who is behind this image? With this and other issues, our correspondent spoke to the actor and musician Paul Shuvaeva.

Paul, you, first of all, the organizer and the singer of "OddisS". But mega wide fame and you came after the series "Next", and before that was the work of a stuntman and modeling. Who are you - Paul Shuvaev?

- Who am i? Interesting question ... First of all I would like to - and should (!) - To answer it himself. Honestly - I thought for a long time. Dug and dug themselves in - eventually came to the conclusion that to assess their actions - is one thing. And this - the specifics. A usurp any epithets and definitions (even if flattering) - is responsible. And - a special kind. I can say that, at least Shuvaev Paul - a creative person. Trying to improve. Alive. Sinful. In something heavy. In some children, of course, but in general, the type of good, I hope. And, in general, it is too early to talk about it. Time will tell.

You have unfinished theater education. Why did you decide to interrupt their studies, were afraid to lose the "organic" or theory seemed dull and dreary?

- "Off"? I would say - barely started as a diploma in acting profession itself does not mean much - convinced of this on their own experience on a daily basis. What should be an actor? There is no single standard definition of the profession, as a result, to judge your professional suitability will not be you and not receiving or discharge fee, and absolutely you strangers - AUDIENCE. Learn this profession - like any other, perhaps - must be constantly. You can walk around and show everyone your diploma, but it is now very few people will be impressed. For example, music education as also there is no such at me, but, look on, - sing, and some even like it ... "Lose organic"? What is it like? Yesterday was, and this morning, gone somewhere? I do not even think about it, to be honest. The theory about acting - it dies. I - against them.

Now cinema and theater has become fashionable to invite people with no theatrical education - pop stars, even athletes. What do you think, what causes it?

- I do not know. After all, my case can be referred here, except that I am not a well-known athlete and, moreover, not a pop star. Maybe a little actors? Or is it in the rankings? The show and the movie industry is now in the first place - it`s a business, business and more time - the business. Take off in the first place, those - whose name is on the lips, and the person - in sight and no matter what a person does. The main thing here - awareness and interest to the public, it does not matter how and what this interest is due. I think here, and from the public, much depends. In the on-off ... In general, this topic is still a lot to ponder, and we have little time, so I put forward another hypothesis: - And suddenly, everything began to search for the young (and not so) talents? It seems to me that everything is very individual in this matter - because there are really good examples of changing roles. Yes.

In 2007 on the First Channel of Russian TV started showing a new project - "Trace," where you play the role of Major Sergei Maisky GRU. How did the test, whether it was a lot of applicants for your role?

- Yes banal samples passed as any sample. A little time on learning of the text (a text - a lot), no one explains - the one you should play and how. Para-troykabystryh doubles. "Thank you, we will call you back." Out dissatisfied with himself and, after 15 minutes, forget about these tests - how many of them had already been such - "by cash"! And then "they" ochchchen quickly "called back". Three days later. Within a week and a half I was in the frame. Maisky. Still later, I learned that people have looked a lot, almost desperate. And here - for you! More precisely, I ... And it happens!

Your Tegeler favorably with their counterparts - and not just dashing "rocker" view - "black leather jackets", pierced ears and pigtails. He immediately made a new impetus to the monotonous routine "FESa". How was working on getting used to the image?

- Is different? Well, apparently, maybe yes. However, "black leather jackets", earrings and the "tail" - to them I have come to trial. Change, in fact, did not have to. And, in general, I think we are all actors favorably differ from each other. Among my colleagues in the "next" - all the lads and they have created, I think, a very lively and different! About the "image". Yes, to get used to especially once was - just the three of us gathered for rehearsals - and all. Our first Chief Director - Vsevolod Aravin - quite briefly and clearly explained to everyone, we have to work in any direction - and rushed. Work on the way Maya - happens every day so far. And it will go, until the project is closed. Or I will not go with him.

I know that the fans "should" often criticize you for certain n (p) ostupki Maya, forgetting that you are - an artist who has a script. On the other hand, it shows that the audience does not make any difference between your hero and you. What, in your opinion, the phenomenon of this phenomenon?

- I am, in general, not an expert on various "phenomena" is - to Maisky. The identification of the audience of the actor and his character is, in my opinion, dostatochnochastoe phenomenon in our lives. Many actors are faced with this - what can I do? I do not bother. After all, I - May not and do not intend to remain in this manner indefinitely, as if I was not in it comfortably. I am very grateful for all Maisky, but - it is necessary to move on, I `m trying to do. Thank God, there is hope, yet there are other roles - respectively, and will change the viewer`s perception.

How has your life changed after "should"?

- "After" should "? But "should" is removed. It is - in ether. How life will change and whether the change after the "Trail" - I can only respond when it happens. Now a lot of work, time is short. "Next" - this is my life and that of my colleagues on the project last year and a half. I Group has virtually collapsed because of it. Nothing - we break through !!!

I know that you have participated in theater projects. Do you continue this trend?

- At the present time - no. Although such a desire - it is. But no ... The fact that, in parallel with the "next" I`m shooting another in a number of projects, so - not to serve the theater, where you have to give yourself the most. As in any business. The entreprise to me ...

As Paul Kudryats Shuvaev spends his spare time?

- More sleeping. Sometimes, in the evening, "circumvents the institution." Sometimes - with friends. At the cottage with mama and brother occasionally chosen - to serve their labor service. Well there, dig, mow, cut, etc. And then all the same -.. Sleeping.

Traditional question: immediate plans for the future?

- Sleep! Sleep. Sleep ... After the morning - to shoot. And, in general, in earnest, - "OddisS" need to re-collect. Musicians seek. Second album to write. Concerts play. Plans for a bulk, in fact. Napoleon, we can say the plans. Wherever forces to take ...?

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