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Date of Birth: 01/25/1912

Age: 59

Place of birth: Ekaterinodar

Citizenship: Russia


He studied in GITIS (1930-33). Since 1933 - an actor of the Moscow tram, in 1938 - Theater. Moscow City Council, since 1940 - the studio Soyuzdetfilm, 1945 - film actor Theatre-studio.

The popular film actor of 40-60-ies. The most famous role - the lyrical love with Gleb Zavartsev in the comedy "Hearts of Four". Acted "Twins" in the film, "City of Masters", "Gentlemen of Fortune", and others.

Paul Shpringfeld born on 25 January 1912 in Ekaterinodar (now - Krasnodar). With 16 years he began working for a local creamery, but after 2 years came to Moscow to enter the GITIS. Stage actor`s career was short-lived. In the late 30`s Shpringfeld came to film and immediately began to shoot a lot.

For his first film work was visible and dissimilar: Vaska Rook ( "My Universities"), Alexei Sukhov ( "Yakov Sverdlov"), Ivan the Terrible ( "The first printer Ivan Fedorov") Odoyevski ( "Lermontov"), Orff ( "Ships storming the bastions "). Young revolutionaries, sailors, soldiers, "side by side" with dreamy intellectuals. But since the 50s Paul Shpringfelda increasingly used in so-called negative roles. Pulled strings spies, Nazis and thugs. However, if the actor playing the good old man or white-haired laborer - these characters are endowed with extraordinary charm.

Among other striking works: Gitsa ( "dear price"), Kruger ( "Steep steps"), Golovin ( "Silence"), a physicist ( "Nine Days in One Year"), the boatswain ( "Garnet Bracelet"), Gaston ( "Hyperboloid engineer Garin "), Jacques (" cook "), Tsybul`ka (" Places here silent "), the present grandfather (" Love Serafim Frolov "), Scone (" Running ").

Paul Shpringfeld was married to actress Claudia Khabarova. In recent years, he played small roles on the stage of film actor Theatre-studio.

Died October 2, 1971 in Moscow. He was buried at the cemetery Vagankovsky.


1. My Universities - 1939 - Vaska Hrachik

2. Tanker "Derbent" - 1940Yakov Sverdlov - 1940 - Alexey Sukhov

4. Behind Enemy Lines - 1941

5. patriot - 1941 (short story in the film almanac "Battle kinosbornik

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