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Date of Birth: 07/16/1971

Age: 45

Citizenship: Russia

Radio personality program `Simple retsepty`


Paul Shingaryov graduated in 1995. Higher Theatre School. MS Shchepkina Yuri Solomin Mefodevich course. The next decade (until 2004) the actor played in the theater "Shalom", was engaged in many of his productions. Among Paul Shingareva works - roles in Alexander Levenbuk "Haunted House" (Gotsmah from Vilna), "Yankel, Tacke and Kadir" (Ionel), "Train of happiness" (passenger, Schuler), "Nationality? Yes "(policeman, anti-Semite)," shlimazel "(Lyovka!); in performances Vizma Vitols: "Paul of New York to me now relatives" - (Detective), "The righteous and the wicked" (Dan), "Leopold the Cat" (dog-doctor), "wandering stars" (Gotsmah), "Shosha" (Aaron).

After leaving the theater "Shalom" Paul Shingaryov plays on stage from time to time. So he was engaged in the performance antrepriznom Theatrical agency "Art-voyage ???" "Hello! I Pippi! ", Playing the role of Tommy.

Television and radio

In addition to the theater, Paul Shingaryov actively working on television and radio. He took part in the filming of television programs: "Time Analysis", "Kyshkin house", "Late dinner with ...", "Geniuses and Villains", "easy to understand". In 2010 he was presenter of the program "Let`s try?" On REN-TV. He was a radio presenter of the program "Simple recipes" to "Local radio".


Regularly in the movies Shingaryov Paul began in 2004. On the screen, the actor appeared in mostly small roles and episodes, playing the role of police officers, journalists, doctors. The most striking work of Paul Shingareva in film was the role of the commander of the Eastern Front Mikhail Frunze in the historical and biographical drama "The Passion According to Chapala." The actor managed to achieve not only a resemblance, but also to convey the image of a clever and talented leader.


2002 Late dinner with ...

Operation 2004 "Color of the nation" - TV series

2004 On the corner at the Patriarchal-4 - show

2004 Cruel Time

2006 All mixed up in the house ... - series

2006 Airport-2 - TV series

2007 AND snow falls

2007-2008Tatyanin day - series

Next 2007-2013 - series

2008 Law & Order: Criminal Intent -3 - series

2008-2010 Ranetki - series

2009 Univer - series

2009 Happy Together - series

2009 visyak-2. Department of Crime Control - series

2010 Code of Honor 4 - TV series

2010 Always say "always" -6 - series

2011 District

2011 Russian heiress

2011 Diamond Hunters

Interns 2011 - series

2011 Bombs

2012 Passion for Chapala - series

2012 Sklifosovsky (Season 1) - series

2012 Pyatnitsky. Chapter Two - series

2012 Love can not be forgotten

2012 Without a Trace - series

2012-2013 Sklifosovsky (Season 2) - series

2013 Caesar

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