Pavel Serduk

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Date of Birth: 06/27/1990

Age: 26

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


The young theater actor

Until recently, Paul Serdyuk life was no different from the ordinary life of any urban boys. He liked to play around, make a row. The story goes that one day a couple of my friend and very nearly singed balcony neighbors.

Everything changed when her mother, Elena A. Serdyuk, took her son to a music school to study violin. One day, the teacher recommended Pasha Spectators director Kama Ginkas, who was looking for a boy to play the role of a violinist in the "Dreams of exile." Since the age of eleven began acting career Pavel Serdyuk.

Paul hit a serious load. Working Youth Theatre, it was necessary to have time to master the curriculum. In addition, he successfully graduated from the music school. However, Paul never zhalovalsya.Stsenu he fell in love immediately and questions parents answered, "What do you mean! I`m on the stage so cool feel, as if it was born! "


Thanks to the work in the theater Pavel Serdyuk and soon got to the set. Directed by Alex Kiryushchenko confirmed him for the role of Dennis Shatalina in the TV series "My Fair Nanny". Paul very naturally accustomed to the proposed image, which has appeared emublizok. "Play my character is not difficult for me - I`m the same bully, as he did. I like to joke, to play ", - says the young actor.

His future Pavel Serdyuk going to associate with the acting profession. "Acting - an exciting thing - he admits. - Most of all I like to play in front of the living room. It is fantastic! On the platform, I also get pleasure from the process, try, learn. "

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