Pavel Pavlenko

Picture of Pavel Pavlenko

Date of Birth: 09/20/1902

Age: 83

Place of birth: Kiev

Citizenship: Russia


Filmed in comedic roles, he created a gallery of images of Russian classics in the theater and cinema (Luka Lukic flakes, zits-chairman Pound, Father Zosima, Emperor Paul I).

Pavel Pavlenko could become a hero operettas and musical comedies, but Grigory Yaron did not take it in the Moscow Operetta, saying: "We do not need a second Yaron." A short, funny, agile, he really like his famous predecessor.

On stage Pavlenko 1920. Replacing many theaters, it has changed a lot of significant roles, and in the 50s came to the cinema. Among the famous works: Bulgarin ( "Composer Glinka"), Paul I of ( "Ships Storming the Bastions") Drozhzhinsky ( "hypnosis"), Svetlovidov ( "Duel"), Ivan Ivanovich ( "Our correspondent"), Baburis ( "Hunters sponges "), General (" Sacrifice "), Sibelius Fluoride (" the Court of crazy "), grandfather (" lost summer "), man-Daghestani (" Adam and Hewa "), Mace (" Much Ado About nothing "), etc. .

After the war, Paul Pavlenko came to the Theatre of Transport (later - the Gogol Theater). There he became one of the "repertoire" of actors, worked hard and fruitfully. But in 1960, he retired and more on the stage not vyhodil.V January 1986, the actor died only son. As an elderly person, and unhealthy, Pavel Pavlovich finally passed ...

Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1956).

In 1919 he graduated from the Moscow City College Theatre them. Lunacharsky. In 1920-1923 years - the Moscow Ukrainian theater, in 1924-1927 - at the Moscow theater for children in 1927-1930 - at the Kharkov Red Banner Theatre, in 1930-1932 - in the theater of the Revolution, in 1932-1938 - at the Moscow theater etc. / p Zavadski in 1938-1944 and 1948-1960 - in transport Theatre (later - the Gogol), in 1944-1948 -in theater. Moscow City Council.

Among the films:

GLINKA (1946) - Bulgarin

AUDITOR (1952) - Khlopov

The Captain`s Daughter (1958) - Solomin

The summer holidays (1960) - Boroday

Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors (1963) - the main ceremonies

Propane Summer (1963) - grandfather Eugene

Jack Frost (1964) - the old man

Fire, Water and ... Brass Pipes (1968) - Water

Golden Calf (1968) - The Pound

Brothers Karamazov (1968) - Zosima

You is Taimyr (1970) TV - grandfather Baburin

Bad Joke (1966) - Akim Petrovich

Carousel (1970) - Ivan