Pavel Pankov

Picture of Pavel Pankov

Date of Birth: 07/19/1922

Age: 56

Place of birth: Ust-Izhora

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Sergey Kapkov

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Pavel Pankov was the third child in the family of the Petrograd engineer. Brother and his two sisters become actors. He began as an extra in the theater of the Leningrad City Council, and then went to war. Becoming a professional actor, I could not find "his theater" did not get interesting roles in films. Played episodes left for 2 years in Moscow, addicted to spritnomu.

Pankov invited the head of the Leningrad Comedy Theatre Nikolai Akimov and began to give a greater role for the other. At this stage manifested in the best talent of the actor, his comedic abilities, subtle irony. Pavel Petrovich was one of those artists who need only to go on stage - everything else is done by nature. Pankow was not a "man of a thousand faces" or rapid transformation wizard. As an actor, he was a whole person, monolithic. Even when the case of a "disconnect" with the role of his rescued nature.

He loved the glory and fame, and they needed him. As it needed constant approval and attention. And for those more or guiding hand. When, after the death of Akimov Pavel Petrovich came into the BDT, she dragged him glory trail comic actor. And in the new theater for Pankov began during reappraisal. The BDT it seemed to all human solid, serious, polite impregnable. Few people know that the apparent inaccessibility hiding wit and plants, an ardent patriot, "Akimov at home." And punk feel uncomfortable in a new environment.

Fortunately, a role he was coming into the BDT, and particularly the success that accompanies it, is largely compensated for the loss. It was the role of black grouse in the "Philistines" Gorky. Yet a change of "status" Pankov was given a hard time. His generous nature was closely in staid temple arts.

In the movie, the spectators enjoyed a roaring success Sauceda role in the comedy "Magic Power of Art", where the hero Arkady Raikin visited his old teacher. Work pustyachkovaya, but for many years the actor was recognized for her. In 1976, screens out the film "The Life and Death of Ferdinand Luce". About Pankow talked about as the opening of the new typecasting in the movie, etc. Pavel Petrovich was once a dozen invitations to new Movie parts, but he was gone in a year ...

Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1965).

Since 1939 - Supporting actor Theatre. Leningrad City Council. He graduated from the studio of the Bolshoi Drama Theater. Gorky in Leningrad (1947) and became the artist of the BDT. In 1951-1952 he worked in the Theater. Yermolova in Moscow since 1952 - in the Theater. Leningrad City Council and the Comedy Theatre in Leningrad. Since 1965 - an actor of the Leningrad Bolshoi Drama Theater. Gorky.

Actor`s work:

1. Alexander Popov - 1949 (History / Biography)

2. Academician Ivan Pavlov - 1949 ()

3. Baltic Glory - 1957 (History / Biography)

4. Stepan Kolchugin - 1957 (History / Biography)

5. Death Pazukhin - 1957 (Drama)

6. All remains to people - 1963 (Kinopovest)

7. When the bridges - 1963 (Kinopovest)

8. Meet Baluev! - 1963 (Kinopovest)

9. Rabbit - 1964 (comedy)

10. The Adventures of a Dentist - 1965 (comedy)

11. Chief of Chukotka - 1966 (comedy)

12. Intervention - 1968 (Adventure)

13. Magic Power of Art - 1970 (comedy) neighbor ...

14. The way to the heart - 1970 ()

15. The collapse of the empire - 1971 ()

16. The Philistines - 1972 ()

17. The smart thing - 1973 ()

18. Black Prince - 1973 (Detective)

19. The doctor called? - 1974 (Kinopovest)

20. Agony - 1974 (History / Biography)

21. Step Forward - 1975 (lyrical comedy)

22. Change the dog on a locomotive - 1975 (Adventure)

23. I do not care - 1976 (Detective)

24. The Life and Death of Ferdinand Luce - 1976 ()

25. Own Opinion - 1976 (Drama)

26. Merry dreams and laughter and tears - 1976 (Cartoon / Fairy Tale)

27. Rasmus-tramp - 1978 ()

28. Two in the new house - 1978 (Romance)

29. The Commission of Inquiry - 1978 (Detective)

30. Special features no - 1978 ()