Pavel Olenev

Picture of Pavel Olenev

Date of Birth: 01/26/1898

Age: 65

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


In the 30s a rare comedy without the participation of Paul Oleneva. His first role - Perepyolkin in the film "Things and people." Then there were Vanya ( "Love Alena") Mitya Spirin ( "Finding Joy"), Bryndin ( "On the Road"), Kurnakov Assistant wizard ( "Shining Path"). Heroes Oleneva - people funny, unlucky at times, but always cheerful. Light irony, turning into the grotesque - a distinctive feature of his acting mannerisms.

Participation in the comedy "Volga-Volga" and "The Girl with the character" did Oleneva real movie star. After the war, he starred in the films "The first glove" (Savelich), "Sinegorye" (Drone Gardening head), "Rural Teacher" (Egor), "Far from Moscow" (Merzlyakov), "Barbara" (Grisha Redozubov), "Wings "(Philip).

Almost all of Paul Oleneva life was associated with a small theater. At this stage, he played dozens of distinctive and comedic roles, becoming one of the favorites of the theater in Moscow. He was buried at the cemetery Vagankovsky Olenev at one site with many of the luminaries of stseny.Zasluzhenny Artist of the RSFSR (1949).

In 1926 he graduated from the Higher theatrical workshops of the Maly Theater. He worked in the theater RABIS. Since 1935 - an actor of the Maly Theater.

Among the films:

Volga-Volga (1938) - Uncle Kuzma

Girl with Character (1939) - Bobryk

LIGHT THE WAY (1940) - Kurnakov

The first glove (1946) - Savelich