Pavel Morozenko

Picture of Pavel Morozenko

Date of Birth: 07/05/1939

Age: 52

Place of birth: Snow


Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR (1973)

Laureate of the State Prize of the RSFSR im.K.Stanislavskogo (1976 for taking part in the performance on the novel by Mikhail Sholokhov "Quiet Don" Rostov-on-Don Gorky Drama Theater)


Paul Morozenko born July 5, 1939 in Ukraine, in the city of Donetsk region Snow. In 1960, a young man graduated from the Kiev Institute of Theatrical Art im.I.Karpenko-Kary, after which he was accepted into the troupe of the Kiev Academic Drama Theatre I. Franko. This stage actor gave 13 years.

In 1973 Paul moved to Morozenko Nicholas Drama Theatre im.V.Chkalova. Then, in 1975-78, he worked in Rostov-on-Don Gorky Drama Theater drama, and in the years 1978-82 - at the Kiev State Theater of Drama and Comedy. his life the last ten years, Paul Morozenko gave the Moscow Academic Theatre im.V.Mayakovskogo.


On Paul Morozenko screen debut in 1960 starring role in the melodrama Vladimir Denisenko, "Roman and Francesca," tells of a Soviet sailor love Italian (her role performed by Lyudmila Gurchenko). Naive, but at the same time very light and pure fairy tale, accompanied by beautiful songs performed by the main characters, liking to many viewers who have not once, not twice attended sessions in the cinemas.

Later Paul Morozenko acted in films though not often, but regularly. His characters tend to become people with indomitable willpower, courageous and bold. In 1965, he played the role of Fyodor Boyko in the adventure film "Above us the Southern Cross" - a picture filled with the romance of the sea and telecommunications. Not surprisingly, after the film`s release, many Soviet children became hams.

Another symbolic ribbon Paul Morozenko - Romance Vladimir Motyl "Zhenya, Zhenya and" Katyusha "in which the actor played the role of passionate romance Aleksei Zyryanov, love Genia Zemlyanikin (starring in the movie performed by Oleg Dal and Galina Figlovskaya). I must say that the creation of Vladimir Motyl not like many officials, who were quick to blame the big picture "lightweight interpretation of heroism" and other deadly sins. But the audience was completely different opinion, immediately fell in love with this one izsamyh tender and touching films about the war.

Of course, not all pictures with Paul Morozenko are masterpieces. It was possible to shoot him in the walk-through tape. These include drama Yuri Slupsk "The last game," Joseph Shulman drama "Unexpected Love" (this film with very weak plot could not save any famous actors or the beautiful nature of the plans).

However, this is not begging Paul Morozenko merit. In memory of the audience were other - interesting picture with his participation. First of all - this sturdy military bands, such as: "Take all the" (Admiral) and "War of the direction of the West" (role - Lieutenant-General Konstantin Rakutin). It may be noted his role in the television series "The Tenderness of a roaring beast" (Savely Petrovich Dobrotvorsky) and a detective "Without a knife and brass knuckles" from the series "The investigation leading experts" (Lieutenant General).


In addition to filming a movie Paul Morozenko participated in the dubbing of foreign films Gojko Mitic. His voice spoke the Indian Hard Rock played in the adventure film "Blood Brothers", Gajendra Singh by Prem Nath in Indian melodrama "My favorite Raja" chef by Emil Karewicz in the Polish thriller "Everyone and anyone," Khan Asparuh by Stojko Peeva in Bulgarian historical drama of the same name.

Paul Morozenko tragically died July 14, 1991.


1960 Roman and Francesca

1961 Years girlish

1962 Svechkina wedding - photoplay

1962 Act of Antarctica

1963 Meet Baluev!

1965 Above us Southern Cross

1966 Why smiling stars - photoplay

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1967 is not destined - photoplay

1967 Zhenya, Zhenya and "Katyusha"

1967 Tenth step

1968 Early on Sunday gathered potion - photoplay

1970 Unexpected

1980 Take all the

1981 Tankodrom

1981 Last Game

1982 Tenderness to a roaring beast

1983 Price Return

1985 Such a strange night in the narrow family circle - photoplay

1988 The investigation leading experts

1988 And the light shines in the darkness - photoplay

1989 Women who are lucky

1990 Tomorrow was the war - photoplay

1990 Ten years without right of correspondence

1990 War in the western direction

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