Pavel Melenchuk

Picture of Pavel Melenchuk

Date of birth: 05.09.1994

Age: 22

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

Website: Celebrities

Paul Melenciuc born September 5, 1994 in the family of director photosalon Melenciuc Igor and his wife Alla Melenciuc. Boy`s acting career began at the age of five. While walking through the museum at Mosfilm on Pavlik noticed an actress and invited him to shoot advertising, fruit and milk beverage "Mazhitel". And in the 8 year old boy he appeared in the film - he played in the crime film Ilya Alexander Mitta "fiery Saturday" and Sanka drama Philip Jankowski "in motion".

As a schoolboy, Paul Melenciuc started in the "111" Children`s Studio Theatre at the CO "Izmailovo" number 1811. In 2006, the young actor played rolishuta and Prince in the play "Zolotko", and in 2008 - "The Lower Depths" shoemaker Alyosha staged.

In parallel film career continued and the young actor. In 2005 he had his first starring role on the screen - Alexei Stepanov in a very touching romantic comedy directed by Olga Perunovskaya "Happy New Year, Daddy!". In subsequent years, Paul Melenciuc appeared on the silver screen with enviable regularity, consistently demonstrating the high level of professionalism and a real human charm. Among his many movie characters: Vanya Serebrovskii in detective drama "Multiplying Grieve," Kohl Prado in the melodrama "The loneliness of love," Valery Verbitsky in the melodrama "The Heavenly Life" Bear Oskolkin in the comedy "Never talk to unknown", Konstantin Uvarov in the series` medical secrecy ", the young Prince Dmitry Romanov in the adventure film" Maltese cross "Alyosha in the thriller" Cheesecake ", Victor Pechalin in the melodrama" May ", Denis Nesterov in ..." Invasion "Bear Zotov in the historical drama" Churchill ", Denis Zabrodin in the drama "Tango with an angel," Denis Nikushin in the TV series "The case Krapivin" and others.


2002 red-hot Saturday

2002 In a move

2004 Code of Honor 2 - series

2005 Happy New Year, Papa!

2005 Multiplying Grieve

2005 Loneliness love

2005 Celestial life

2006 Never talk with unknown

2006 Medical secrecy - series

2006 Wolfhound of the Grey Dogs

2007 Maltese cross

2007 May

2007 Law & Order: Operational Investigations Division -1 - series

2008 Cheesecake

2008 Love-carrot 2

2008 protection

2008 Invasion

2009 Churchill

2009 Tango with an angel

2009 Gift of destiny

2009 loop

2009 City Lights

2009 When we were happy

2009 Zhurov

2010 Thirty-seventh novel

2010 Christmas Tree

2010 Dr. Tyrsa - series

2010 Case Krapivin - series

2011 Split

2012 Mistress of my destiny

2012 Means of death

2012 Rainbow