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Date of Birth: 10/15/1975

Age: 41

Place of birth: Mytishchi

Citizenship: Russia


Pavel Maykov born October 15, 1975. Incidentally, the famous Russian poet Apollon Maykov - his great-grandfather. Parents Paul - artists, and many hoped that he would become an artist, too. "I did not want to be an artist - recalls the actor - I wanted to be a doctor or a pilot."

When he was twelve years old, the family moved to Moscow Mytishchi. Even then, Paul wanted to be an actor. By the end of his studies he started algebra to geometry, that its going to be thrown out of school. Paul recalls: "At the last moment, sitting in front of the headmistress, I suddenly realized that my dream of theater today I burn with a blue flame began to beg to be left Probably my acting essence somehow manifested Headmistress pity...."

In 1994, Paul joined the faculty of GITIS "Actor Drama Theatre". . "I entered the third time Moreover, they told me:" Young man, you are very fond of the theater, "I said that I can not live without it, I say." Well, then you may be better to think about the profession of the illuminator or perhaps make-up artist. "I worked in a puppet theater. then he went to GITIS. After the second failure to me someone said that Dogileva came six times. went to engage in theatrical studio" Zerkalo ", was engaged in the Moscow Art Theatre courses . well, the third time turned out ... "

Paul graduated from the Institute in 1998. The graduation performance "Two Gentlemen of Verona", he played a major role - the villain Proteus. "We did a play at the end of the fourth year, - says Mike. - It was a good student work, but no more. And the vocals were not always successful, and dancing is not very much. But we all liked it. This success even in the" Metro ", on -moemu, I was not. I think that with this and began my march through the musicals ".

After graduation Mike started working in the theater "Sphere". There he played in various productions (in particular, in "West Side Story") until 1999. In addition, managed to play as extras in "The Barber of Siberia" by Nikita Mikhalkov, he has been the leading TV "Panopticon" and "Find Me".

Once he got a call one Stychkin Eugene, actor "Theater of the Moon", and said that he is listening to "Metro". "In the queue for casting two thousand people stood, and we slipped in a roundabout way and ended up in the fourth ten - Paul says - The director listened to me and asked." Who do you want to play in the play "And I take and answer:" What? except for the title role of the question, "In general, give me a character with a single remark:". plastered slippers to the couch, "I sang the worst six months, while rehearsing, I was heavily involved in vocals, and a month before the premiere of the director offered. I become the second cast for the lead role of Ivan musician. "

According Maikova work in "Metro" - a hell. he did not want to repeat never Rehearsals "Metro". Some did not survive, were gone. And he had moments when he wanted to quit. The premiere of the musical was held October 22, 1999.

The "Metro" Paul met with Kate - a girl, which was destined to become his wife. "I realized that it was the person with whom we are right for each other. Although I always thought that to live with the actress will be difficult, we now have a really good family life."

After the release of "Metro", he was offered the role of one of the characters in the play of the theater of the Moscow Soviet, which has become a living legend of the theater - the rock opera "Jesus Christ - Superstar". "Actually, at the opera, I have" gone crazy "in the third grade, - recalls the actor -. Dad brought a cassette tape, and then I saw the film, I almost cried, and all his life, from that moment, wanted to do something like that. When I now play, the tears I do not have (according to the scenario are not supposed to), but there are veins swollen on the forehead, and aggression, that my life is not peculiar Simon -. a person who is bad before the revolution, bad after, but well in . this time, it - "the gray cardinal" who is trying to incite people against each other it`s all in black it is not clear who, but nothing good brings with it not, that`s for sure "... The role of Simon the Zealot Mike believes his "forte". He played about fifteen productions of "Jesus."

The samples in the "Gang" for Maikova passed as if by magic. He came to "Mosfilm" and offered his candidacy: "Hello Actors need?" He talked with the director Alexei Sidorov, and two days later Paul was invited to audition for and approved.

"When we started to work - says Mike - Lesha said to me:" You know, when you come if I did anyone else for the role was not looking. Everything depended on the producers: they approve or not. All approved "And then there was such a funny situation:. Leshin friend came in for some agency, calls him and says:" Alex! I`ll Bee found. Photo - super! Name - Mike ... "By the way, the casting" Brigade "I came with a tail, I had my own so long hair And to learn that I adopted, asked my mother cut me a month come to the studio, I see the casting director, and.. terrified screams: "He shaved his hair!" it was they who decided that the first three series, where we are young, I played with the tail - in the nineties, it just was cool as a result of filming that remain, and to the eighth series to me. hair cut very short. "

Alexei Sidorov Paul considers his godfather in the movie. And colleagues on the set had to get ground for a week. Prior to the "Brigade" Mike was familiar only with Dyuzheva - he studied in GITIS on two courses under. Even before the shooting they were accommodated in a house cinema veterans, and all this time they called each other only by the stage name, and so accustomed that still Dyuzhev responds to Cosmos, and Paul calls him and submitted: "This Bee".

The "team" a lot of scenes where the hero Maikova involved in fights. But doublers attracted only if it was in bodily injury. For example, Bezrukov replaced in the scene, as he lay on the ground, and a few people he was kicked. And Pavel Maikov and had to fight, and roll down the stairs at the entrance. "During the fighting we tried to be more careful with the person, but sometimes there were misfires. Then bruises we toned makeup." For the scene where Vita Pchelkin throats cut, make-up artists for a long time "conjured" over the complex process - doing "cut". And although the actors - people tend nesuevernye, but in the final scene lie in coffins refused. As a result, close-up filmed folded his arms. It has turned out impressive ...

For me, working on the show - it`s a whole segment of life - productive, true. And I would like to see these segments was more. And all the major roles I have yet to come. "

Author: Maria Alexandrova

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