Pavel Massalskiy

Picture of Pavel Massalskiy

Date of Birth: 09/04/1904

Age: 75

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Paul Massalsky born August 22 (4 September) 1904 in Moscow in an impoverished noble family.

He studied at the gymnasium Nechayev. On his acquaintance with him at a time when both were children and went to neighboring gamnaziyah (later the grammar school merged with others to form the modern Moscow school number 110), and further meetings, she wrote in the memoir book NI Sats, calling the head of the PA Massalsky symbolic "beauty and nobility" (Short stories of my life Volume 2. Chapter "beauty and nobility."): "Spray memories about Paul Vladimirovich Massalsky scattered throughout my entire life, and one stream of communication with him missed . Strange things happen in life! Teenagers we studied him very close, met by chance, but every encounter memorable. In recent years, we lived in the same house, but somehow not met. ... This was the theater - the Moscow Art - emotion, he said, when he finally gathered to see him in the hospital September 12, 1979. "Swan Song" - I thought then, having learned from the doctors that death is standing at its threshold. I went to a girls` school in MG Bryukhonenko dining lane Nikitsky Gate. Nearby is the real school Masing and men`s gymnasium Nechayev. "

Paul Massalsky from 1922 to 1924 he studied in the studio under the direction of A. Zavadsky. After the end of the studio in 1925 he was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater (the first role - Prince Dmitry Shumsky in the play "Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich" AK Tolstoy).

The actor with the beautiful appearance, innate charisma and artistry impressively aristocratic notes, Massalsky sought specificity it creates on stage images. With the success of the role he played in the works of classical and contemporary playwrights.

Pavel was a friendly man, could make a joke, sometimes mischievously. He had otmennymvkusom and always elegantly dressed.

Neighbor to testify in Snigir famous singer I. Kozlovsky, recalled that many MHATovtsy-men wore the same elegant neckties donated by Stanislavsky, I believe that artists should always be outwardly attractive, not only on stage. In the story "The tree does not withered away," published in "Literary newspaper" Kozlowski wrote once told him N.P.Batalov: "Yes, yes, do not be surprised - we are all in the same ties. Stanislavski ordered and presented to all men. This tie is not just me - and Khmelyova, and Massalsky, and Ershov. And many others. " And he kept memories of P.V.Massalskom: "And, indeed, the Moscow Art Theatre actors were emphasized elegance in everyday life. Among them was young then Pavel Massalsky. So it seems to me - a humble, friendly, with his usual bright smile, a pleasant voice tone. I recall: I say a little loud. I think this is mostly from shyness. I actually thought that Pavel has always struggled with an insurmountable feeling of embarrassment that he had in front of his great teachers - Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko. Apparently, he had to overcome shyness to say a word on stage in front of them - his apostles in the art, to whom he admired, that boundless faith. "

V.Ya.Vulf recalled P.V.Massalskom (WOLF Vitaly Overcoming yourself from the book "Silver Ball" in October 2002. // number 8...) "Beautiful, luxuriously dressed liked a drink, afraid of his wife, Nighy Alexandrovna excellently taught at Moscow Art Theatre School, was head of the department of acting. Never proved particularly mind, but he was with a great sense of humor, it was easy and fun. In the years when Efremov headed MAT, Massalsky played a little on his former pupil was hurt and unlike Prudkin never supported Ephraim. With Prudkin they often played the same role, but the actor was Prudkin higher class. ... In doefremovsky period he played a lot, but in the seventies began to get sick and died suddenly in 1979, when he was 75 years old. His pupils were Doronin, Basilashvili, Evstigneev, Mikhail Kazakov, the students loved it and watched all the time, as the sum of their fate. I made friends with him when he began rehearsing my first translation, which went on stage - Williams play "Sweet Bird of Youth"; he played Boss Finley, it was not a big success, but to communicate with them was interesting. " (WOLF Vitali. Overcoming yourself. From the book "Silver Ball" // October. 2002.