Pavel Luspekaev

Picture of Pavel Luspekaev

Date of Birth: 04/20/1927

Age: 43

Place of birth: Lugansk

Citizenship: Russia


Pavel Luspekayev. He was born in Lugansk in Ukraine. He graduated from the Theater School. Shchepkin (1950). Since 1944 - an actor of Lugansk theater, Tbilisi, 1956 - Kiev Russian Drama Theater. Lesya Ukrainka, 1959 - Leningrad ABDT them. Gorky.

Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1965).

film operator assistant "White Sun of the Desert" Igor Klebanov about Paul Luspekaeva: "Legendary Vereshchagin played in the film the talented actor Paul Luspekaev You know, every time we have our entire team watched." The White Sun of the Desert ", always laughing to tears on one episode. Remember, his wife offers Vereshchagin caviar, and he abandons her these pictures we shot of the night barely find this very unfortunate caviar -. bought two kilos of this delicacy in the restaurant Our carpenter specifically for kadrovs caviar made bowl with depression.. . to a spoon in it "drowning" and the impression that the eggs there nemeryannom While we set up the equipment, Vereshchagin went into the image, ate a few spoonfuls of the rare product Once the director is a "disgrace" saw, ordered: ". All we remove, without all rehearsals and takes! "the most offensive is in this story is that none of the eggs of the crew after work and did not get. Everyone is so tired and worn out that it is not realized to put it in the refrigerator. In the morning, rushed to the calf - and spoiled it all ... By the way, the role of Vereschagin was for Paul last. Even then, he felt unwell. Made itself felt his sores. In Luspekaeva were amputated feet, he walked on artificial limbs. He, of course, it was difficult, but he tried not to show it. When going to the set, followed by the always followed his wife (ex-wife of Vladimir Motyl) and carried Aluminum chair. Paul every 20 meters, she said: "match". After the shooting, he always sat by the sea, dipped his feet into the water. And he has already tears standing in his eyes. He felt that his life was coming to an end. That is why as much as possible tried to be around people. At his own expense to buy a drink and invited to sit all - from the director to the carpenter. Always sat next to his wife and the girls from the "harem". He would take any of them on their knees and read excerpts from the plays. He loved to sing to the guitar, especially the song "Steppe and steppe around". Drunk the man I had never seen. He was a strong, powerful man, very fond of Nicholas Godovikova as his own son ... ".

Actor`s work:

1. They are descended from the mountains - 1955 ()

2. The Mystery of Two Oceans - 1956 (Adventure)

3. Golubayastrela - 1958 (Adventure)

4. Born to live - 1960 ()

5. Aesop - 1960 ()

6. The third, pathetic - 1960 ()

7. Baltic Sky - 1961 (Military)

8. The soul calls - 1962 ()

9. Nylon net - 1963 ()

10. Mercy Train - 1964 ()

11. volley "Aurora" - 1965 ()

12. On the same planet - 1965 (History / Biography)

13. Going to the storm - 1965 (The dramatic story)

14. Three Fat - 1966 (Adventure)

15. On the wild Breguet - 1966 ()

16. A long and happy life - 1966 (Romance)

17. The Republic of SHKID - 1966 (Kinopovest)

18. The incident, which no one noticed - 1967 ()

19. The White Sun of the Desert - 1969 (action comedy) ... Vereschagin

20. Tomorrow, on the third of April ... - 1969 (Kinopovest)

21. Castling in the long side - 1969 ()

22. Her name is Spring - 1969 ()

23. Green Chains - 1970 (Adventure)