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Date of Birth: 07/29/1915

Age: 72

Place of birth: Saint Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia

The Lost Hero

Hero of Socialist Labor (1985).


Paul Kadochnikov born in Petrograd in a working family. During the Civil War, Paul`s father with his family (wife and two children) went home - to the Urals in the small village Bikbarda. There and Paul`s childhood. In the village, he entered and graduated from high school peasant youth. There defined main hobby boy - more than anything else he liked to draw. I love for painting his mother instilled, competent and intelligent woman.

In 1927 Kadochnikova family returned to Leningrad, where his father got a job at the factory "Red Putilovets". Paul continued his studies in painting. He enrolled in a children`s art studio. The boy still dreamed that when she grows up to become an artist. But fate brought about changes in life. Seriously ill father, and Paul had to take care of the family. He left school and got a job as apprentice fitter at the plant "Red Putilovets".


However, classes in painting, Paul did not give up and continued to walk into an art studio. And there he became acquainted with the theater. The talented boy noticed the director Alexander Avdeyev, who led the theater studio there. For one of his performances was needed ditties performer. Paul spoke so contagious and recklessly that was immediately accepted into drama school, then landed a role in the play.

The following year brought Avdeev Kadochnikova to the famous director Boris Zhirinovsky Zone gaining course in college theater. After listening to Paul, the director took it on its course, although at that time the young man did not finish high school. In just six months, the theater was transformed into a technical institute, and became a student Kadochnikov. He was only 15 years old.

However, among the senior companions, Paul did not get lost. Instead, he stood out as the clothes (Paul Forsyth: wearing a tie and velvet hoodie), as well as the ability to perfectly sing Neapolitan songs than underwhelming classmates.

Theatre. Marriage

When finished Kadochnikov Institute, based on the course of Boris area Leningrad New Theatre for Young People was established. And Paul Kadochnikov becomes its leading actor (1935-1944). His first role was in Lel "Snow Maiden". The role played Kupava actress Rosalia Kotovich. Collaboration lit in the hearts of young love actors, and soon they were married.

In Kadochnikov Youth Theatre played a variety of roles: fairy-tale characters, the Whites, but it is best to work out his animals. One of the performances where Kadochnikov played a snake, saw playwright E. Schwartz. He was so pleased with the actor that for him the role of storyteller Schwartz wrote in the play "The Snow Queen". Kadochnikova charging and epic, the role of age. In the tragedy "Boris Godunov" he played the chronicler Pimen. Working in the theater more and more fascinated by the young actor. The role followed zarolyu, crepe and perfected his talent.

Pre-war work in the movie

The first work of Paul Kadochnikova in film was a bit part in the film Mihas "Minors" (1935). The role was so small that no one noticed. And the actor himself his appearance on the screen was not pleasant. After this debut, Paul decided never to act in films.

In 1937, on the play "The Snow Maiden" I visited filmmaker Sergei Yutkevich. He liked the young talented boy, and the director offered Kadochnikova role in his film "The Man with a gun." Remembering his first bad experience, Paul was about to give up, but influenced by the authority of the director. The young man accepted the offer and played a young soldier. With this role, and the beginning of a long work of a great master in the movie.

Already in the next picture Yutkevich "Yakov Sverdlov" Kadochnikov played two roles - working guy Lenka and the writer Maxim Gorky. Curiously, when approving roles Studio Arts Council unanimously rejected the candidacy for the role of Gorky Kadochnikova because it was considered too young for such a serious way. Then the director asked Kadochnikova go into the next room and to dress up. After a few minutes Kadochnikov again appeared before a credible commission. Everyone just gasped: so the actor looked like a proletarian writer. Kadochnikov was unanimously approved. This similarity would allow him then a couple of times to play by Maxim Gorky.

The role of Gorky Kadochnikova brought great popularity, and in 1940 he was invited by film director Ivanovo for the lead role in the musical melodrama "Anton Ivanovich is angry". Filming ended June 21 and the next day the Great Patriotic War.


Paul Kadochnikov recalled: "Everyone brought alarming reports from the front, and we, young actors, it seemed impossible to remain longer in the rear we had to defend our homeland. These thoughts haunted. "

In late July, Paul applied to the people`s militia. But he refused. "You have to shoot in the" defense of Tsaritsyn "and" Trek Voroshilov. " At Lenfilm reported that this movie of defensive value. Come back to the studio, "- he said.

After the filming of the two-part film "The defense of Tsaritsyn" Kadochnikova invited the Sergei Eisenstein. Legendary director offered the role the actor Vladimir Staritsky in the film "Ivan the Terrible." Vladimir Staritskiy - one of the main figures of the tragic picture, weak and simple-minded young man, touching and aggressive at the time of excitation, a toy in the hands of ruthless and ambitious executioners.

Skill actor Eisenstein so impressed that he decided to withdraw Kadochnikova in two roles - Sigismund and royal confessor Eustache. It was assumed that these roles Kadochnikov play in the third series. But this was never destined to become the third series has not been charged. Nevertheless, these three years Kadochnikov considered the greatest school of life.

Post-war movie

When he returned to Leningrad, Kadochnikov learned that the theater where he worked, collapsed. Despite some rather flattering offers from the heads of different theater groups, Kadochnikov chose to work in film. He went to Kiev to act in "The Secret Agent". Role of Major Fedotov brought the actor a truly nation-wide popularity and became his original card at the same time defining the Soviet cinema image of the hero-scout for many years. A famous phrase Fedotova "You fool, Shtyubing!" Was a favorite expression of the boys at that time.

The following year, 1947, Kadochnikov began shooting the new film Alexander stopper "The Story of a Real Man". The actor had to play the famous pilot Alexei Meresyev, who lost both legs. To better get into character, declined to Kadochnikov doublers services. Within four months, he went to these prostheses and crawled in the snow in the dead of winter. As a result, the picture was a huge success with audiences, and a year later Kadochnikov was awarded the Stalin Prize.

50th - 60 years

After painting "Far from Moscow" (1950), for which the actor received his third State (Stalin) Prize Kadochnikova not invited to star in a movie for four years.

Once again, the actor recalled in 1954. Director Alexander Ivankov, who has already shot Kadochnikova in his film "Anton Ivanovich is angry," actor invited in a new picture. It was the joint work of Ivankov and Kosheverova "Tiger Tamer". The role of the motorcycle racer Fedor Ermolaev became one of the main successes Kadochnikova in the 50s. It opened to the talent of the master viewers with an unexpected side, he was able to play on equal actors in the ensemble comedy clearly defined plan - Leonid Bykov and Sergei Filippov. Participation in the film and brought a new wave of fame. Actor began again to overwhelm many fans love letters.

In subsequent years, many Kadochnikov and stress is removed, and its popularity keeps many paintings now forgotten audience. However, they played a role in the education of at least two generations. Glorification actually contributed to the formation of a new type of personality, develop virgin lands and to participate in a grand building. The temporary nature of the roles Kadochnikova not overshadow his acting talent. He looked great in a variety of roles, since it has not only a distinctive appearance, but also the art of reincarnation.

Director`s activities

Yet these roles could not meet the talented actor. Kadochnikov, sensing this, decided to try his hand at directing. His first work, an adventure comedy "The musicians of the regiment," came out in 1965. Then he put the film-tale "The Snow Maiden". In both his paintings Kadochnikov and he played a prominent role.

Care director had another rationale: in the mid-60s Kadochnikov fell out of favor to the senior management. Directed stopped inviting him to appear. Do not give new jobs and an actor in the theater. His only earnings were concerts, which Kadochnikov traveled across the country.

70th - 80th

In the mid-70s, Nikita Mikhalkov, suddenly suggested to Paul Kadochnikova role in his film "An Unfinished Piece for Mechanical Piano". This role brought the actor a new round of popularity. He was invited to appear again. However Kadochnikov not sought to give its consent to all in a row, now it came to the choice of each role much more carefully. The most notable work of those years was the role in the movie "Sibiriada".

In 1978, Paul Kadochnikov starred along with his adult son Peter in this tale Bulat Mansurov "It did not fly gull". It was the last collaboration of father and son. Soon Peter Kadochnikov died under very strange circumstances.

In the spring of 1981, Peter went to rest in the Baltic states on the lake. Two days after the departure of his death came a message. Peter found dead on the road. According to the official version of the investigation, the death occurred after he climbed a tree, but could not resist and fell. But why did he stop along the way and climb up a tree, the investigation has not explained.

For Paul, and Rosalia Kadochnikova loss of her only son became a terrible tragedy. The only salvation was the work of an actor. And he plunged into it. Even before the death of his son Kadochnikov played a prominent role of Count Orlov in "The Story of an unknown person." And in 1981, he appeared at once in almost a dozen films, among which the most notable was the role of P. Lafargue in the film directed by S. Yutkevich "Lenin in Paris." Two years later Kadochnikov brilliantly played a small role in the detective story "The Sign of Four" in a series of films about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

The last work

In 1987, screens out the biopic "Silver Strings", which tells about the creator of the first Russian Folk Instruments Orchestra Vasily Andreyev. It was the last work of director Paul Kadochnikova. Soon after the film was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor.

It was the last award - May 2, 1988 Paul Kadochnikov died.

After 12 years on the screens out the series "Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes", based on previously captured movies (including "The Sign of Four", which starred Paul Kadochnikov).

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