Pavel Galkovskiy

Picture of Pavel Galkovskiy

Date of Birth: 09/01/1864

Age: 73

Place of birth: place Usvyat Velizh County Vitebsk province

Citizenship: Russia


Pa & # 769; led (in the world Pavel Galkovsky) (9 January 1864 Usvyat Velizh County town of Vitebsk province - November 28, 1937) - Metropolitan Ivanovo Ascension. The activity of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Occurred from the clergy. He graduated from the Vitebsk seminary. Was married, she had a daughter.

According to the Metropolitan Manuel (Lemeshevsky), August 15, 1888 he was tonsured a monk and 30 August of the same year elevated to the priesthood. However, based on evidence of the case, his daughter was born in 1894, so he took monastic vows later in life (perhaps in 1898 (?)).

He was rector of the Petrovsky monastery in the rank of Archimandrite. In 1914-1918 - rector of the Pokrovsky Cathedral, the city of Vitebsk. Held extreme right-wing political views, was the chairman of the provincial branch of the Union of the Russian people. In the fall of 1909 he sent a congratulatory telegram to the address of the monarchist Congress, organized in Moscow by Archpriest John Vostorgov. In November 1915 he participated in the meeting of the Petrograd monarchists.

In September 1918 he was arrested, he was detained in Vitebsk, then in Moscow. In 1919-1921 - the confessor on Athos Compound in Moscow.

On July 5, 1921 - episkopBuzuluksky, Vicar of the Diocese of Samara. From 1921 to September 15, 1923 interim manager of the Samara diocese.

In 1924, convicted of "anti-Soviet activity." Is imprisoned in the Taganka prison in Moscow, in March 1924 sent to the three years in Krasnovodsk, in April - October 1927 was in exile in Kazan.

On September 15, 1927 to October 31, 1929 - Bishop of Yegoryevsk, Vicar of the Diocese of Ryazan.

From February 14 to March 1928 - temporary administrator of the diocese of Voronezh.

December 31, 1928 - temporary manager of the Vladimir diocese.

Since October 31, 1929 - Bishop of Ivanovo-Voznesensky.

April 9, 1930 - Archbishop

Since 1935 - the Metropolitan.

March 8, 1936 arrested for "Spearheading the counterrevolutionary groups whose activities are expressed in the unit of anti-Soviet gatherings, storage and distribution of the book" The Protocols of the Elders of Zion ", planting secret monasticism and others.". Dissatisfaction with authorities caused, in particular, the fact that in 1934-1935 Bishop Paul took to the diocese about a dozen clerics who returned from exile.

During the interrogations, he answered the questions of investigators with dignity. June 21, 1936 by the verdict of the Special Meeting was exiled to Kazakhstan. The link was re-arrested. November 28, 1937 shot.