Pavel Buryshkin

Picture of Pavel Buryshkin

Date of Birth: 09/02/1887

Age: 68

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Buryshkin Afanasievich Paul (1887 - 1955, according to other sources - 1959), politician, financier, writer. He graduated from the law faculty of Moscow University, Moscow Institute of Commerce, member of the editorial committee of "The Morning of Russia" newspaper. Since 1912 - a member of the Council of Congresses of Representatives of Industry and Trade. Member of the Moscow Exchange Society, the vowel of the Moscow City Duma, was a member of the Moscow branch of the Central Committee of the Progressive Party since 1912. In 1914 - head of the control department of the Main Committee of the Russian Union of Cities. In 1915 - 1917 years. - Member of the Central and the Moscow Military Industrial Committee, odiniz organizers of the All-Russian Commercial and Industrial Union of Public Safety Committee of the Moscow City Duma. The well-known Freemason. In August 1917 - one of the organizers of the State Meeting in Moscow. One of the founders in 1918 of clandestine organizations of white "National Center" and the "right of center" (Moscow). In the summer of 1918 I went to the south of Russia from Moscow. I went to London, where, having left the spring of 1919 through Ekaterinodar, the summer of the same year arrived in Siberia at the request of the Government of the Kolchak. In 1919 - member of the State Economic Conference of Commerce and Industry Commission. Chief of the Office for Government foreign blanks. Cadet, worked in Kolchak`s government as finance minister from December 3, 1919 The initiator of a case Goyer. In pursuance of the Council of Ministers decree signed December 22, 1919 telegram to the Director of the Office of Credit to Vladivostok on the transfer of all sums in foreign currency held by the Foreign Ministry of Finance Branch, at the expense of financial representatives Kolchak government abroad, and this was done. He escaped in January 1920 in the Trans-Baikal region, and then - in China. For a while he lived in Harbin. I went to Japan, and then in the United States to investigate certain aspects of the financial agents of the Government of Kolchak. After that, he moved to Europe, living in England and France. In exile, was a member of various emigre organizations: the Auditing Committee of the Northern Insurance Society, Committee of Representatives of Russian commercial banks (Paris), the Committee of the Russian commercial and industrial and financial union (Paris) Union representatives of the Russian Industry and Trade (London), the Association of Russian leaders the finance department, the Moscow fraternity (Paris). He has lectured in Russian Commercial Institute (Paris) in 1925 - 1934. He served as counsel in a number of companies and banks. Created in emigration museum of old Moscow. In the US, he published a book "Moscow merchant."