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Author: Sophia Vorotyntseva

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- Pasha, how is it working in "Kadetstvo"?

- Wow. I like it. On the set of constantly going on something funny. We have always had their fun, every time we come up with the guys something new. Once there was such a case: all filmed together at some stage, and removed a large Trofimova plan (Arthur Sopelnik). We have something with the guys at this point in the picture is not visible, and we start to joke. And Arthur to play. Seeing as we poured a laugh, Arthur Sopelnik could not get together. It looked ridiculous. And so all the time. If set to be every day, all you could see and hear.

- And he likes you on your screen?

- Maybe yes. Although the movie did not have time to watch, because at that moment it was filmed. Perepechko a defenseless boy. Everyone felt sorry for him. By the way, I noticed that for some reason, like me children aged from one year up to 13-14 years. Probably because I`m charming and funny. And I know that my audience - people from 30-35 and up to about 90 years. The series "Kadetstvo" because the look and the elderly.

- And how do you feel about his hero, if you ignore and look at it from the side?

- I really liked my hero. Stepan Perepechko - very good, good-natured, eager to help everyone, even when requested to do so. And at the end of the film comrades, on the contrary, trying to help him. After all, I have a girl on the series appears. I then said that the Internet was much discussion series "Kadetstvo", and among the best love declared in the film - love Perepechko and Veronica. It`s nice that people think so. Perepechko - a shy guy, and suddenly his love. I think it`s intriguing the audience. I myself wonder what will continue. As we have said, it is planned for another 40 episodes. I hinted that the new series to me to come from the village girl Angela and begin to beat me, Veronica. That`s the intrigue! And, like, I still stay with Veronica. But personally, I would have thrown all and simply left at all to any other girl.

- And in life, if the girl you like, you can go to her and get to know?

- Easy, provided that the girl, of course, alone, without a man. But you know me now just like to talk to girls. Greater some reason it is not currently necessary. Here the boys get acquainted with the girls, and then start any relationship. I now have a period that I meet with the different girls to chat. I love to communicate with them. I do not like it when I say only, while the girl is, stupidly silent and listens. I like it when there is a dialogue, I share, and also share with me. If it does not, it makes me interested, and I`m leaving. By the way, when I get tired of talking to the girls, I just said: "I`m sorry, I have to run to the shooting." It acts, as many of you know that I snimayus.- Pasha Perepechko your hero in one of the series said that is not going to fall in love, do not you?

- I dont know. I think I`m falling in love, too, is not going to. I just might like the man. Well, so just fall in love, do not want to. I think at my age is no need to start a serious relationship with a girl.

- Filming "Kadetstvo `first season ended. What`s the first thing you did when I came home after a long absence?

- Kiss your sister, mother, father, and said: "I have come!" I was five months away from home, and I am glad that there is now an opportunity to see their parents, grandparents, friends. I really missed by everyone. But I want to come back quickly to Tver and again to star in "Kadetstvo". Let`s see what happens. Today the film "Kadetstvo" is very popular. And all because it is modern: it plays the younger generation and the younger generation of his looks. And this, I think, very well.