Pavel Barshak

Picture of Pavel Barshak

Date of birth: 19.12.1980

Age: 35

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Pavel Barshak graduated in 2001 RATA (GITIS) directing department, workshop of Peter Fomenko. In the same year he was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow theater "Pyotr Fomenko Workshop". At this stage they were played: Street musician and juggler in the play "Mad of Chaillot," Alexei Ivanovich in the play "Egyptian Nights" Randle Etteruord in the play "Heartbreak House".

In addition, the actor took part in the play antrepriznom Alexander Abdulov "Family idyll".


The first big success of the young actor in the movie brought director Alexei melodrama Master "Walk" (2003), in which Paul Barshak played a little infantile, naive young man named Alex. The film was honored with numerous awards.

The popularity of the actor brought the role in the thriller "Night seller" (seller Danya), action-packed movie "Big Walk" (graduate student Artem), soap operas: "The Case Kukotsky" (SergeyZvorykin), "The adjutants of love" (Lieutenant Michael Lugin), "Soldiers" ( ensign Kowalski).


2002 Lady For A Day

2003 Tartarin of Tarascon

2003 Walk

2003 Time is money -

2005 Destructive Power 6 - series

2005 Night seller

2005 Case of Kukotskiy - series

Call 2005 - Short

2005 Big Tour

2005 adjutants of love - series

2006 Soldiers - 10 - TV series

2006 Piter FM

2006 Spare instinct

2007 Soldiers -11 - series

2007 Soldiers - 12 - TV series

2007 Soldiers - 13 - TV series

2007 Maiden adult son

2008 Frenchman Serge / Grandes Personnes, Les (Russia, France)

2008 Godspeed (Russia-Ukraine)

2008 Cork

2008 Goblin 2 - series

2008 Nights Will (Russia-Ukraine)

2009 Love - not what it seems - series

2009 Drop Light (Ukraine)

2010 Grass under the snow (Russia-Ukraine)

2011 Flies

2011 Kamenskaya-6 - show

2011 Pharmacist