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Date of birth: 12.10.1988

Age: 28

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia

Paulina Andreeva - unrecognizable without makeup

The young actress (12 October 1988) - a native of St. Petersburg, and besides, her childhood and youth on Vasilyevsky Island. Andreev family was far away from the art: his father was a businessman, and his mother - a landscape design and cottage construction. Three children, Paulina and her two younger brothers, never in no need, however, were under strict parental supervision. Daughter of choreography, and even went to the ballet `selection Todes`, and from her passion snowboarding after several fractures had to be abandoned.

Girl penned short stories and poems, it praised the teacher of literature. Therefore, when the end of high school, she hinted family that would like to go to theater school, consent is not obtained. Mother insisted on entering the faculty of journalism and the acquisition `adekvatnoy` profession. Paulina was admitted to St. St. Petersburg University and honestly studying there for two years. She even began to collaborate on a permanent basis with the architectural publication.

According to the girl, the desire to change their lives most dramatically emerged she absolutely spontaneously - it was not interested in regular reports on new construction, measured and ordained family life. Without a mother, Pauline, simultaneously with the delivery of the session at the university, began to go to the audition away from home, in the theater schools in Moscow. She visited all admissions and, in the end, became a student of the School-Studio MX AT course of R. Kozak, and D. Brusnichkina. The beautiful and talented girl noticed teachers, and already in the third year she was offered the role of Moaning, friend of the protagonist, staged by Theatre Tabakov `Okolonolya`. After a successful premiere Paulina was invited to the Moscow Art Theatre. Chekhov, where she played in the play `Ulyana Dom`. Working in this theater actress was cherished dream, and this dream has come true. In 2011, after graduating from the School-Studio, Andreev was adopted in the number of trainees, and then in the company of the Moscow Art Theater, where he works now. She came out in the crowd `Nobility gnezda`, Frida played in the `Master and Margarite`, nun in` Tartyufe`, Dunya in `Crime and nakazanii` and other characters. A resounding success, it was noted Andreeva performance of the main female role in the play `

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Paulina Andreeva picture