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Date of Birth: 07/07/1965

Age: 51

Place of Birth: Edmonton Alberta District

Citizenship: Canada


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Paul Michel Devic (Paula Michelle Devicq, 7.07.1965) - Canadian actress, best known for the role of Kirsten Bennett Thomas Salinger in the television drama `We pyatero` (` Party of Five`) - the actress played the role from 1994 till 2000th . Devika has also worked in the short-lived - although well received - serial channel A & E `100 Centre Street` c Alan Erkin in the title role. Also, the actress starred in the television movie of 1995 Wounded serdtse` `(` Wounded Heart`) - an emotional drama about how a growing Texas girl finds true love when he returns home to see his sick ottsom.Pola expertly performed the role of women, choose between two dissimilar worlds - the world of urban life and the world of small villages. Following was Artin 1997, `Dinner and Driving` Lawrence Trilling, where Paul played the role of Laura. In 1999 came the comedy `Kill cheloveka` (` Kill the Man`) - it Devika has played a major role, the girlfriend of the main character Vicki Livingston. All this time she played in parallel `We pyatero`; the role of Kirsten Bennett is still considered its most famous. After the end of the series and a short stint in the project `100 Centre Street`, Devika won the role in the television movie` The Coven` 2004, then - in the miniseries `Taran` (` The Grid`) and in the film `Semi-staged razryv` (` The Breakup Artist`) with her husband, Joseph Lyle Taylor. In the same year, Paul was invited to the TV series `Save menya` (` Rescue me`); for six series actress played the role of Sondra. At the same time, she got the role of Miranda Shi on one episode in the series` Law & poryadok` ( `Law & Order`); later she will return to the show, which will have to be called `Law & Order: Criminal umysel` (` Law & Order: Criminal Intent`). The most recent role Devika - in the film of 2009 `Pinion`; She also participates In the New scheduled for the 2010th movie `First Dog`.

Devika was born in Edmonton, Alberta Region, Canada.

Devika - a resident of Vancouver; She is an avid fan of curling and the same time for four hours a day studying figure skating.

Paul began the ascent to fame with photo model career; her face at one time adorned the box of hair dye `L`Oreal Excellence Ash Blonde`.

The floors have had an affair with actor Scott Wolf; They started dating in 1996 and broke up in February of 1997. December 12, 2001, Devika married actor Joseph Taylor; however, their marriage also did not last long.

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