Paula Broadwell

Picture of Paula Broadwell

Date of birth: 09.11.1972

Age: 44

Place of birth: Bismarck

Citizenship: United States

Secret lover CIA Director

olee best known as one of the authors of the book `All In: The Education of General David Petraeus` - biography occupied at that time as commander of the International Security Assistance Force (International Security Assistance Force) David Petraeus (David Petraeus). Later, it was Paula Broadwell cost Petraeus as director of the CIA - in the press information surfaced that it was with Broadwell, David changed his legitimate wife.

Born and raised Paul Krantz (Paula Kranz) in Bismarck, North Dakota (Paula Kranz); in school, she was the best student and a great basketball player. Parents floors divorced when she was a teenager.

In 1995, she graduated from Krantz United States Military Academy (United States Military Academy) at West Point (West Point), a Bachelor of Engineering and political geography. Later - in 2006 - and Paul received a master`s degree in one of the universities of Denver; another master`s degree Broadwell earned at Harvard (Harvard University). According to `The Washington Post`, a year before the completion of the training Paul received from the Harvard administration`s proposal to stop training - shows its results do not meet the existing requirements of the institution.

Some time Broadwell served in the US Army and the US Army Reserve. her Business was pretty good - so, in August of 2012 it was announced that Paul in the near future will receive a rank of lieutenant colonel. Alas, the story of David Petraeus led to the fact that the new shoulder straps for it, it was decided to hold.

In 2006, shortly before the meeting with Petraeus, Broadwell tried to get the FBI. As told reporters a former FBI agent, in general, Paul gave a pretty impressive resume work -and if desired could be obtained without problems; Broadwell, however, prefer the FBI training at Harvard.

Currently, Paul is married; she and her husband, a radiologist Scott Broadwell (Scott Broadwell), two children. Scott and Paul met in 2000, while serving in the army.

With David Petraeus Broadwell met in 2006; Paul then was finishing Harvard, where Petruesa invited to read it. Broadwell came to Petraeus after the performance and told about their research interests; David offered to help Field and left his card. Later Paul actually used fragments from the biography of Petraeus in his dissertation - with the full consent of David; Paul later set to work on a biography of his new friend. Biographical this work list her literary achievements by no means exhaustive - Broadwell parallel cooperated with `New York Times` and` Boston Globe`.

In May 2012, the US-Lebanese socialite Jill Kelley (Jill Kelley) began receiving e-mails threatening kind. With the help of the FBI, she managed to get on the trail of letters the sender; as it turned out, he threatened her with Paula Broadwell. Aggression by the floors, apparently initiated the Kelly affair with General Petraeus. At the subsequent interrogation by the FBI Broadwell she admitted that she herself had an affair with Petraeus; Later on desktop Floors secret documents were found - that was thrown at her alleged lover pretty serious shadow. Finally, to prove that Petraeus gave Broadwell, these documents could not be; however, David Petraeus still thought it best to resign.

For most floors scandal was marked above all by an increase in problems with the army ranks.