Paul Terry

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Date of birth: 19.02.1987

Age: 29

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Paul Christopher James Terry was born on February 19, 1987. He played only two roles - an orphan, James, who was forced to live with terrible and nasty aunts, in the film adaptation of a fairy tale `James and the Giant persik` Welsh writer Roald Dahl; Joe Parker, a boy whose parents divorced in the British TV series for children and teenagers` Mikrosoap` who produced the BBC and the Disney Channel in 1998. Photo by Paul in the role of Joe Parker appeared on the cover of the book based on the series `Mikrosoap`. Paul appeared in 8 episodes of 26, and the main protagonist was the elder sister of his character, Emily, played by Rebecca Hunter.

Since then, Paul Terry did not appear in the movies or on television, or even in commercials. The only exception - TV game `Weak zveno` (The Weakest Link), the results of which Paul finished third.

The writer Roald Dahl did not want on his book filmed, but after his death the widow sold the film rights. The premiere took place in 1996. The director of the children`s cartoon film with elements made by Henry Selick. The first storyteller of British cinema, followed by Tim Burton and Hollywood also had a hand in the creation of `James and the Giant persik`, and his puppet characters are very similar to those which Burton fans saw Bitldzhuse`` `The Nightmare Before Rozhdestvom` and` Corpse Bride `. Nine year old Paul convincingly played the boy, whose parents ate heavenly rhinoceros. Part of screen time viewers watch not for the character of Paul Terry, and for its animated version.

Paul studied at the prestigious school for boys Haberdashers` Aske`s Boys` School, located in the town of Elstree in Hertfordshire. The school traditionally boys from 4 to 19 years with academic inclinations. After school, in 2004, Paul entered the Cardiff University, the best university of Wales, founded in 1883. He studied civil engineering and German. German was useful to Paul later when he took additional training in German universities Berufsakademie Mosbach.

His hobby - playing the guitar. At one time Paul was bassist `Glass Apple`, who played indie rock and record on the label` World WIDE Recordings`, and going with a group on the summer tour to America.

Author: Elena Murzina

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