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Date of Birth: 03/12/1933

Age: 82

Place of birth: Amsterdam

Nationality: Netherlands

The geological epoch Crutzen

Currently Crutzen works at the Department of Atmospheric Chemistry at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry (Max Planck Institute for Chemistry) in Mainz, Germany (Mainz, Germany); at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (Scripps Institution of Oceanography), University of California (The University of California) and South Korea`s Seoul National University (Seoul National University). For a long time he was also an associate professor in the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Institute of Technology) and conducted research at the Department of Meteorology at Stockholm University, Sweden (Stockholm University, Sweden). Winner of numerous awards and honors, 1999 - Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russian Academy of Sciences).

Paul Crutzen was born December 3, 1933 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Netherlands), in the family of Anna Gurk (Anna Gurk) iDzhozefa Crutzen (Jozef Crutzen), a mixed German, Polish, Dutch and Belgian origin. He has a sister who lives in Amsterdam. While in 1958, Paul worked abroad, he remains a citizen of the Netherlands.

When Paul went to school, the Netherlands had already been captured by the German army in September 1940. He recalls the first 6 years of primary school as a continuous movement of students and teachers in the city, because the occupants and then confiscated suitable premises, an acute shortage of food and fuel. Particularly horrible were the months between the fall of 1944 and spring of 1945, when a lot of people died of starvation and disease, including several of his classmates. More or less normal conditions for education became possible only in the autumn of 1945. A year later, Crutzen successfully passed the exams in high school to prepare him for university entrance. He graduated from high school in 1951, and then the chemistry is definitely not part of the list of his favorite subjects. Paul preferred the mathematics and physics, knew three foreign languages ??- English, French, with whom he helped his father, and German, which helped her mother. He enthusiastically participated in sports, playing football, riding a bike, playing chess. It is not enough high marks did not allow him to apply for a scholarship at the University (Paul fell seriously ill in his senior year at school). Not wanting to impose an unbearable financial burden on the shoulders of parents, Crutzen chosen profession a civil engineer and technical secondary school education which took 3 years, and in the second year, practical, modest pay, but pay.

Until February 1958 Crutzen worked in Amsterdam Bureau for the construction of bridges, with a break for compulsory military service. Earlier, during a tourist trip to Switzerland (Switzerland), he met with grated Soyninen (Terttu Soininen), the Swedish student. They were married in February of 1958, we moved to Sweden and settled near Stockholm (Stockholm). We grated Paul and two daughters - Ilona (Ilona) and Sylvia (Sylvia). Paul argues that only through the support of his beloved wife and family, he succeeded.

Dreaming of an academic career, in 1959, Crutzen and his family moved to Stockholm and got a job as a programmer at the Department of Meteorology at Stockholm University. He had no idea about this profession, and he had to learn everything from scratch. Crutzen soon became one of the country`s best specialists in this field, and by the early 70`s began to receive invitations from their foreign colleagues. His academic career was crowned with the Nobel Prize in 1995.

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