Paul Hollywood

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Date of Birth: 1966

Age: 49

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The most expensive bread

Paul Hollywood (Paul Hollywood) was born in 1966 in England (Wallasey, Merseyside, England). Dropped out of school arts Wallasey School of Art, where he studied sculpture, he decided to become a baker and confectioner. Starting to work, Paul very soon became known in the English resort towns restaurants and earned a pretty good name.

Especially famous Paul in connection with its famous bread, which is called Roquefort and Almond Sourdough Bread. It is worth a lot of this bread - & # 163; 15, that for the British, and not only to the British, very expensive. However, those who had a chance to try the famous Roquefort and Almond Sourdough Bread assure that this delicious bread is not bread all over the world.

For their production are taken only with the highest quality flour mills from the county of Wiltshire (Wiltshire), no food additives, even the most expensive and fashionable, in this bread is not.

His recipe for Paul Hollywood keeps a closely guarded secret, but it is known that one of the components of the miracle of bread - French Roquefort cheese, and almonds.

Bread Paul Hollywood called `Rolls-roysom` among the loaves, and Paul himself proudly called Roquefort and Almond Sourdough Bread your greatest achievement.

By the way, the bread was born on Christmas Day, when the chef and his assistants thought about what would surprise your customers. Paul himself says that he is well aware that the bread - a product that has to be cheap by default, but to refrain from creating his masterpiece still could not.

`This fantastic bread - the best I`ve ever delal` - admits Paul Hollywood.

And Paul said that he pokolesil for ingredients not only in Britain but across Europe - he wanted to make sure that it uses for its bread only the best products.

The National Association of bakers officially recognized Roquefort and Almond Sourdough Bread the most expensive bread in the UK.

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