Paul Geidel

Picture of Paul Geidel

Date of Birth: 04/21/1894

Age: 93

Place of Birth: Hartford

Citizenship: United States

`63 behind bars

Paul Geidel Born in Hartford, Connecticut (Hartford, Connecticut); his father was the owner of the bar and an alcoholic. In 5 years, Paul lost his father and was under the supervision of the American system of shelters. At age 14, Paul Geidel dropped out of school; while he worked part time in hotels in Hartford and New York (New York City). That`s when he was a member of staff - New York `Iroquois` - Paul Geidel and committed his first crime. June 26, 1911 the first floor decided to rob a 73-year-old William Jackson broker (William H. Jackson); in the process of robbing Paul Geidel strangled his victim. Especially his act is not enriched - Paul Jackson left the room, taking only a few dollars. Arrested Messenger killer two days later; for second-degree murder Paul Geidel was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

First Paul Geidel prison became infamous `Sing-Sing`. Prisoners Sex was quite peaceful and on early release for good behavior could well qualify; Unfortunately, shortly before the hearing for early release Paul Geidel he was declared insane and transferred to a psychiatric hospital Dannemora State Hospital for the Criminal Insane. In this clinic Paul Geidel Paul spent 46 years; in 1972 he was transferred to Fishkill Correctional Facility. Here Paul was kept in the wing for the elderly prisoners - in many respects is more like a hostel or nursing home than a real prison. There Paul was able to make friends with the management; protection even periodically organized Paul Geidel outputs `in svet` - at baseball games or just nature.

In August 1974, Paul Geidel granted once coveted parole; Paul, however, by this time spent in captivity, three-quarters of life and especially to freedom is not sought. Paul Geidel understood that in 63 years the world had quite a serious change; his 80-year-old man without a family, home, or even a profession, a place in this world was gone. By voluntarily Paul chose to remain in prison for another 6 years. May 7, 1980 Paul Geidel still was released; Meet reporters he did not want and was soon out of sight of the press disappeared. It is believed that the rest of his life Paul Paul Geidel spent in a nursing home Dutchess County (Dutchess County).