Paul Gebbels

Picture of Paul Gebbels

Date of Birth: 10/29/1897

Age: 47

Place of Birth: Rheydt

Citizenship: Germany


Goebbels was born on October 29, 1897 in Rheydt, Rhineland. His father worked as an accountant and was a very devout, he hoped that his son would become a priest of the Roman Catholic Church. But Goebbels, dreaming of a career as a writer or journalist, after byurgershule and high school in Rheydt, chose to study humanities. With the financial support of the "Society of Albertus Magnus", he from 1917 to 1921 at the universities of Freiburg, Bonn, Wurzburg, Cologne, Munich and Heidelberg, he studied philosophy, Germanic, history and literature. At Heidelberg University, led by Professor Friedrich Gundolf, literary historian, Jew, Goebbels in 1921 he defended his thesis on the romantic drama, and gained a degree. His own literary opuses repeatedly rejected by liberal editors and publishers of newspapers.

When the 1st World War, Goebbels was declared unfit for military service due to lameness (he was disabled from birth) that painful blow to his self-esteem, because it was considered a disgrace for themselves inability to serve their country in times of war. He was always very serious and sensitive about his own physical disability, because he always felt behind her humiliating ridicule comrades called him behind his "little mouse doctor." Disadvantaged pride gave him a deep-seated hatred and exacerbate in the future need to speak to the healthy, blue-eyed "Aryan" audience.

After 1st World War, unsuccessfully try your luck in the field of poetry and drama (his tearful sentimental play "The Wanderer" ( "Der Wanderer") rejected the Frankfurt "Schauspielhaus"), Goebbels found a way out of its energy policy. In 1922 he joined the Nazi Party, joining initially to its left, the socialist wing, the leaders of which were at that time the Strasser brothers. In 1924, after moving to the Ruhr, Goebbels tried his hand at journalism - as a "F