Patrick Henry

Picture of Patrick Henry

Date of Birth: 05/29/1736

Age: 63

Citizenship: United States


Patrick Henry hails from Virginia to start a political career without much success trying to do business. The fame gained as a lawyer, was elected as a delegate to the Virginia General Assembly. In 1765 he initiated the adoption of a number of resolutions against taxation without representation and adopted the London Parliament Act Stamp. One of the first colonial politicians came to the idea of ??full independence from Britain in March 1775 at the second convention of Virginia said in a famous speech "Freedom or Death". Acquired during the years of struggle and popularity among the elite and among ordinary citizens of Virginia contributed to the election of its first representative to the Continental Congress and later the first governor of Virginia.

After the war, he tried to improve the lot of ordinary Virginians, reducing taxes and printing paper money. This led to a cooling of its relations with other prominent members of the Virginia elite, such as George. George Washington. Madison.

During the debate on the new federal constitution P. Henry was in the anti-Federalist camp. He believed that after the war the central government does not need to be strengthened, but rather, to minimize. Despite the election of a representative from Virginia to the constitutional convention in 1787, he pointedly did not go there. Nevertheless, the voice of P. Henry continued to listen. His fight for the inclusion in the constitution of the Bill of Rights, supported by S. Adams of Massachusetts and other Antifederalists, succeed quickly. President Washington in 1795 offered him the post of secretary of state, and President Adams in 1799 the post of envoy in France and Spain. In both cases, P. Henry rejected the proposal, citing poor health, although in general in the last years of his life was inclined to support the policy of moderate federalists.