Patrick Hamilton

Picture of Patrick Hamilton

Age: 24

Place of Birth: St Andrews

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Patrick Hamilton came from a Scottish aristocratic family Hamiltons, his great-grandfather on his mother`s side was King James II. Education, Patrick got into the University of Paris, where he came under the influence of new ideas of humanism and the Reformation. In 1527, he went to Germany, where he visited the Martin Luther. Under the influence of the ideas of Luther Patrick Hamilton after his return to Scotland at the end of 1527 he began to preach the renewal of the Church return to a true understanding of God`s Word. In 1528 Hamilton was accused of heresy and called on the church court, headed by the Archbishop of St Andrews. At the trial, Patrick refused to renounce their beliefs and bylprigovoren to death. February 29, 1528 Patrick Hamilton was burned at the stake.

For Scotland, in principle, it was not characterized by brutal repression against protesters and Hamilton penalty is indicative of an exception.