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Date of Birth: 06/03/1918

Age: 77

Place of birth: Bexhill-on-Sea

Citizenship: United Kingdom


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Patrick Cargill (Patrick Cargill) was born in 1918 in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, England (Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex, England). Educated at Haileybury College, Patrick made his debut on the stage of Bexhill Amateur Theatrical Society. However, while he dreamed of Cargill military path, and soon he was selected to study at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst (Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst) and became an officer.

Again to the scene, he turned his attention after the Second World War, began performing in Anthony Hawtrey`s company theater company in Baxter, Croydon (Buxton, Croydon), and later - in the Embassy Theatre in London (London).

Cargill`s debut in the movie took place in 1949, but then in his first film, `The Gay Lady`, his role was so tiny, that does not deserve a mention in the credits. Truly, Patrick started playing in front of a movie camera in the early 50s. In 1953, he starred in the historical drama `Sword and roza` (The Sword and the Rose) Ennakina Ken (Ken Annakin).

In 1960, Cargill played comedy Ralph Thomas (Ralph Thomas) `vlyubilsya` Doctor (Doctor in Love); in 1963 - in the comedy Robert Asher (Robert Asher) `Adventures in Pitkin bolnitse` (A Stitch in Time). By the way, the latter was very popular in the Soviet box office.

In the same 63-year actor and appeared in the comedy `Keep ... Dzhek` (Carry on Jack) directed by Gerald Thomas (Gerald Thomas). The detective musical comedy, Richard Lester (Richard Lester) `Beatles. To help! `(Help!) With the participation of the legendary Liverpool quartet` The Beatles` Patrick played in 1965.

In general, it is definitely a genre was comedy, exactly as were most of the projects with his participation. Comedy and was a great melodrama `Countess of Gonkonga` (A Countess from Hong Kong) with Marlon Brando (Marlon Brando) and Sophia Loren (Sophia Loren), published in 1967. A year later he was playing in the gay detective Bud Yorkin (Bud Yorkin) `Kluzo` Inspector (Inspector Clouseau).

His most famous role, the main character, Patrick Glover (Patrick Glover) in the series ITV `Father, Dear Father` actor began to perform in 1968. The show was incredibly popular and lasted until 1973. In this project, it lit up a large number of stars of different sizes, including Leslie Phillips (Leslie Phillips), Tony Britton (Tony Britton), Jeremy Child (Jeremy Child), Ursula Howell (Ursula Howells), Eric Barker (Eric Barker), Joan Sims (Joan Sims), and many others.

In 1973 he repeated his character in the comedy by William J. Stuart (William G. Stewart) `Father Dear Father`.

The actor shot to the end of the `70s, after which it became less and less visible on the screen. His last great work before the camera he did in the television project `The Many Wives of Patrick`, this project has also been focused on him, it was in 1978. After that, Patrick Cargill has appeared several times on the screen, but it was already in 1990, in the TV series `Heil, Honey I`m Home`.

We know that Patrick Cargill was famous not only for his acting skills, but there was also a musician. Thus, the rise of his career, in the 60s and 70s his songs can be heard on the album, released in the wake of the success of the series `Father, Dear Father`. In addition, Cargill several singles, including `Father, Dear Father Christmas` and` Thinking Young` enjoyed a certain popularity.

With regard to the personal life of the actor, then Patrick Cargill has always been very self-contained person, not trying to draw public attention to his own person, and preferred to remain outside the newspaper articles and gossip. It is known that any social events he preferred to play mahjong in the atmosphere of home comfort. However, there was no secretion and that Patrick was homosexual. However, no revelations in the press and the public recognition he himself never allowed.

In addition, Patrick was known for his love of all kinds of animals, from parrots to the pony that surrounded his life.

For many years he preferred to ride a `Bentley`, and in the 80`s moved to` Rolls Royce`.

In 1995, Cargill was the victim of a car accident in Australia (Australia) - was hit by a car; By the way at the same time, some tabloids hurried his `pohoronit`. Patrick Cargill died later, a year later, 23 May 1996, of a brain tumor; it happened in Richmond, London (Richmond, London), at the time of the death of the actor was 77 years old.

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