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Date of Birth: 05/14/1959

Age: 57

Place of birth: Tlemcen

Citizenship: France


Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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Patrick Bruel (Patrick Bruel, real name - Maurice Benguigui) was born in 1959 in Tlemcen (Tlemcen), the former French territory (France), now Algeria (Algeria). His parents, teachers, divorced when Patrick was a year old. He brought his mother, a teacher of French at a local school. After 1962, when Algeria gained its independence, the mother and son moved to a suburb of Paris, and then to the capital. Patrick childhood dream of becoming a professional footballer, when he was very fond of music and, with very different music - from classical to modern rock. He was carried away by then and guitarists - Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix), Clapton (Eric Clapton), Jeff Beck (Jeff Beck). In addition, he enthusiastically listened to George Brassai (Georges Brassens) and Jacques Brel (Jaques Brel), whose records were found at his mother.

The turning point came one day in the life of a young Bruel 1975, when he, not being able to get tickets to the rugby, was a concert by Michel Sardou (Michel Sardou). After that fateful concert, he decided to become a musician, in that whatever the cost.

After high school, Patrick went to university, and in his spare time moonlighting as a singer with a guitar in club `Club M & # 233; diterran & # 233; e`. At the same time, in response to an ad in the newspaper `France Soir`, and he got his first film role. So, in 1979, he played in the drama `Le coup de sirocco`. It was then that Patrick Bengigi (his real name) turned into Patrick Bruel.

In 1979, actor and musician decided to go to New York (New York), he dreamed then travel around the big city, to lead a bohemian life, earning his guitar and meeting new and interesting people. So, it really is actively roamed the clubs, cabarets and bars, and once actually met the right man - his future companion and friend Gerard Presgurvic (G & # 233; rard Presgurvic).

Back in Paris, he continued to act, including the theater; Then he worked with a fairly well-known agent for hire actors Kapelye Margot (Margot Capelier).

In 1982 they released their first musical experience Bruel, sorokapyatka `Vide`, however, contrary to his expectations, the single did not have any success. However, his second song released was much more successful - `Marre de cette nana-l & # 224; `received excellent reviews and suddenly endeared a large female audience.

It became important for the artist 1986 year - in addition to the international success of his cinematic activities, he has published, and his first music album - `De face`. The disc was almost entirely written by Gerard Presgurvic and Bruel, and perhaps due to the fact that the obvious hits on the plate was not, it did not sell very well. However, failing to name plate also was no way.

In February 1987, Patrick Bruel first took on a very prestigious Parisian scene `Olimpii` (l`Olympia de Paris). It was his first significant contact with the `big stsenoy`, and later, in 1988, appeared` zhivoy` recorded directly from the scene, the album.

All this time, actor multitalantlivy not leave the theater stage and movie sets. In contrast to the scene, its Movie parts were often dramatic. So, in 1988, he starred in the drama `ubiystv` House (La maison assassin & # 233; e) Georges Lautner (Georges Lautner); a year later appeared again with the title character in the drama of Arkadi Alexander (Alexandre Arcady) `Holy soyuz` (L`union sacr & # 233; e); in the same 1989, again he played in the drama by Pierre Jolivet (Pierre Jolivet) `mazhor` Force (Force majeure).

The second musical album Bruel, `Alors, regarde`, published in 1989, translated the artist from the famous artist`s status in the status of the real stars.

This was followed by a whole series of tours and concerts in France and abroad. Patrick first saw the crowded halls and hubbub of fans, because of which was barely audible musicians. At the request of the public he even had to extend the tour and unplanned work, additional concerts.

February 1, 1992 Patrick Bruel was the main prize of the French National Award in the field of music - `Victoire de la musique` as` the best performer goda`. In 1993 he was awarded first prizes for their participation in the film by Claude Zidi (Claude Zidi) `Between two ogney` (` Profil bas`), and then - for his role in the film by Michel Deville (Michel Deville) `mixed the karty` (` Toutes peines confondues`).

In April 1994, he released his album `Bruel`.

`Entre deux` album became the most popular album of 2002 and a few months sold two millionth edition, providing a record revenue from CD sales in 2002 among French artists - 5.2 million euros.

To date, actor and musician Patrick Bruel has released 11 studio albums, not counting singles, and played more than 40 films.

His latest album, `Seul ... ou presque`, came out in 2010.

In addition, Patrick is a poker player of international class, a participant of world tournaments (World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour, European Poker Tour); He is also a commentator on World Poker Tour in France.

It is known that from 2003 to 2007, Bruel was married to Amanda Sters (Amanda Sthers), they had two sons - Oscar (Oscar) and Leon (L & # 233; on); first son was born before the official marriage.

Since 2009, Patrick lived a civil marriage with a model and television presenter Celine Bosque (C & # 233; line Bosquet).

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