Patrick Ahern

Picture of Patrick Ahern

Date of Birth: 09/12/1951

Age: 65

Place of birth: Dublin

Citizenship: Ireland


More than half of Irish people are in favor to the current Prime Minister Bertie Ahern has retained his post. This is evidenced by opinion poll, conducted by the largest Irish market research agency "Milluod Brown Imes".

Bertie Ahern was born September 12, 1951. His father fought in the ranks of the Irish Republican Army and became a staunch member of the party Fianna Fail (Soldiers of fate), which is now headed by the son. Bertie soon became involved in politics: in

14 years of age participated in the campaign of "family" party Ahern.

Having accounting education at University College Dublin, he was 26 years old was first elected to Parliament. In 1982, a parliamentary powers added Minister of State in the Prime. He then headed the Department of Labor, being able to turn it into an engine of economic reform. Since then, Bertie Ahern has worked as minister of finance, industry and commerce, arts, culture and Gaeltacht Affairs, Deputy Prime Minister. For the first time leading the government in 1997, he became the youngest head of the cabinet in the history of Ireland.

Bertie Ahern is married, but now lives separately from his wife. He has two grown-up daughters and two hobbies: football and history. Traditionally, local beer "Guinness" prefers ale.