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Date of Birth: 08/27/1981

Age: 35

Place of birth: Toronto

Citizenship: Canada

Patrick Adams - actor and photographer

Author: Andrew Puminov

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Patrick J. Adams (Patrick Johannes Adams) was born in the Canadian city of Toronto (Ontario) August 27, 1981. His childhood was the same as most of his peers - the boy was fond of sports and photography, playing the guitar. Patrick Jay studied in Northern Secondary School, and once took part in a school play. This event determined the entire life of a boy, he began to attend drama school, although he was not sure that he could become a professional actor. By the end of the school the parents of Patrick Jay divorced. Together with his mother, an American citizen, graduate school moved to Los Angeles. The proximity to Hollywood finally consolidated a young man determined to get creative profession, and he entered the oldest private US institution - the University of Southern California, in the theater department of the USC School of Theatre. He has successfully participated in student productions, and in 2003, before graduation, starred in an episode of the comedy movie Old `zakalka` (Old School), which, however, is difficult to attribute to the heights of cinematography.

In 2004, Patrick J. Adams received his Bachelor of Arts degree. His artistic career of a young man decided to build, filming for television. He regularly held auditions at the famous TV director, and quickly managed to succeed. The first professional samples Patrick Adams on television have become the heroes of such series as Matt Kramer ( `Jack and Bobbi` episode `Poteryannye`, 2004), Dean Lang (` Detective Rash` episode `Red svet`, 2004), Brandon (` Strong lekarstvo` episode `Kod`, 2004). The experience of filming and natural talent of the young actor has contributed to his success, he began to work with his own agent, and in 2005, viewers saw Adams in the title role of the television series `Roma perepiske` (original title Christmas in Boston), where he played an indecisive masters for the production of toys . In 2006, Patrick Jay played Colin James, the hero of several episodes of the series `female prezident` (original Commander in Chief), which received` Golden globus`. In 2007, he played Peter Talbot in the rating series `Stay zhivyh` (episode` Man of Tallahassi`) where its partners in the set were such stars as Evangeline Lilly and Ian Sommerholder.

Without neglecting episodic roles, Patrick Adams more confidently announced his increasing professionalism. His first role, which had international success, Harry became the author of the movie `Fasad` (2005), which tells about the last hours of a suicide. In 2009, Patrick J. Adams played Dwight, the main hero of the movie `Gnev`, which was awarded at the film festival in Berlin. Successful and was attended by the young actor in the television series, among them such well-known projects as `Talking with prizrakami` (2009, Linus Van Horn),` Lie menya` (2009, Louis Nimeroff), `Remember that budet` (2010, Ed.) Participation in youth crime drama `Lovely obmanschitsy` (2010, Hardy in the episode` It`s really me porazilo`) defined privacy Patrick Jay. On set, he met a young actress Troyen Avery Bellisario, who plays the main character, Spencer Hastings, with which they once played together in the play Equivocation and even then it is very fond of each other. Since then, Patrick and Troyen have strong relationship, the couple always seen together.

In 2011, Patrick Jay Adams was expecting a real triumph. The actor was casting for participation in the television series `Force mazhory` (in the original Suits), where he got the role of the main character with an unusual biography. Mike Ross, a young man with a unique memory, making a mistake, that seemed to cross out all his hopes of getting an education and a good profession. The attempt of fraud by passing math tests, expulsion from college, questionable income - but this time, Mike accidentally meets a successful lawyer Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht Actor) and, despite the lack of a university education, becomes his assistant. The series became a hit cable television channel USA Network, famed for projects like `Her name Nikita`,` Silk seti`, `Detective Monk` and others. Patrick Adams bought `zvezdnuyu`reputatsiyu, was nominated for the Screen Actors Guild of America as the best performer of male roles and shooting beloved viewers of the series continues to this day.

Career Patrick Adams continues successfully, he participated in several TV projects. In the series` Udacha` (2012), dedicated to the life of the racetrack, the actor played the role of Nathan Izrail. The interest of the audience called mystical mini-series `Rozmari` Child (2014), is a remake of the famous thriller by Roman Polanski. In this project, Patrick Adams played the protagonist Guy, Rosemary`s husband, played by Zoe Saldana. The last work of Patrick Jay Adams is `Dark ditya` (2014) - Canadian fiction television series in which he played the role of Jesse in the episode` Ipsa Scientia Potestas`. Also in 2014, the actor appeared in the role of Mark Chamberlain in the movie `Canes psy`, participated in several theater productions and announced their official engagement with Troian Bellisario. In his spare time, Patrick Adams does not forget about the enthusiasm of his youth - he was actively involved in sports and loves guitar music. In a famous actor in his own words, 25 photographic cameras of the latest models. It is professionally engaged in photography, and regularly places its images on the social networks.

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