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Date of Birth: 01/31/1971

Age: 45

Birthplace: Maracaibo

Citizenship: Venezuela


Author: Olga Dunchik

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Patricia Velasquez (real name Patricia Carola Velasquez Semprun) was born January 31, 1971, at almost the biggest city of Venezuela - in Maracaibo. Parents future actress were teachers and paid great attention to their children, which, incidentally, was six (Patricia - five children) in the family.

When Patricia Velasquez (Patricia Velasquez) was still quite crumbs, her family went to Paris and lived there for several years. After - the family moved to Mexico City (ibid - UNESCO direction - working parents future actress).

At the time, Patricia Velasquez (Patricia Velasquez) received excellent education and studied dance at the same time. In this sense, her talents were more than obvious - reaching the age of seventeen years, Patricia has danced in public.

In 1989, the year of Velasquez flashed at a beauty contest in Venezuela, and in spite of the fact that just won the seventh place, was seen.

Soon the talented young lady noticed agents leading companies model, and it is literally bombarded with invitations. In the late nineties Velasquez participated in a fashion show Dolce & Gabbana, and then ascended to the summit of success. Not surprising, because Patricia was the first popular model in the United States from South America.

In the same period, the future actress was involved in various commercial projects, including shooting for such famous brands as

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