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Year of birth : 1977

Age: 38 years

Citizenship : United States


Group `Pat Metheny Group` was established in 1977. The backbone of the group make a guitarist and bandleader Pat Metheny (Pat Metheny); composer, pianist and keyboardist Lyle Mays (Lyle Mays); and bassist and producer Steve Rodby (Steve Rodby). Another permanent member of the `Pat Metheny Group` Uertiko was Paul (Paul Wertico),which is 18 years of playing in a team on drums.

Founder of the group, Metheny, first announced himself on the jazz scene in the mid-1970s, along with a couple of solo records. Despite the fact that his music fell under the definition of ` fyuzhn` jazz musician has always wanted to switch to the improvisational genre, where the major role played harmony,which has nothing to do with the fusion of the time.

Friends with bassist Jaco Pastorius (Jaco Pastorius) during its transition from folk-rock to jazz, Metheny in the early 1970s until late spent time with him discussing new options for the sound of their instruments. They did not want to be limited to a simple bass line ,usually only complementary percussion in jazz bands. Pat recalls: `. .. I and Jaco was a real challenge to find a way to play and find a new opportunity to implement our tools in improvisational environment. .. `

In 1977, the original part `Pat Metheny Group` was assembled, with Mays, Metheny and Danny Gottlieb (Danny Gottlieb).After the presentation of the first album by the name of the label `ECM`, the group with the second plate ,` American Garage` 1979, celebrated his first big success. The second release topped the jazz charts `Billboard` and hit the pop charts, and successful song ` (Cross the) Heartland` in the future become a real hallmark `Pat Metheny Group`.Unique at that time the band`s sound through the guitar appeared `Gibson ES-175` Metheny connected to two digital devices with the Delay effect (delay effect) ; and `Oberheim` synthesizer and organ ` Yamaha` Mace. Pat later switched to guitar synthesizer `Roland GR300` and digital synthesizer ` Synclavier System`,while Lyle expanded his musical ` bagazh` programmable synthesizer Prophet ` 5` and others. models.

A live album `Travels` 1983, brought a group of ` Gremmi`. In 1985 he was released the soundtrack album `The Falcon and the Snowman` to the thriller ` Agents Falcon and Snegovik` John Schlesinger (John Schlesinger).Song `This Is Not America` for this film, recorded in collaboration with David Bowie (David Bowie), hit 14 in the UK charts top 40 and 32 in the US.

For the first time, Steve Rodby on the Rights of bassist participated in the recording of the album `Offramp`, which was marked ` Gremmi`. Other guest musicians brought Latin and South American colors in sound `Offramp`. Latin rhythms even more entrenched in the heart of `Pat Metheny Group`, when the group appeared an Argentine multi-instrumentalist Pedro Aznar (Pedro Aznar).

After three releases from the Brazilian musical color ,including the use of bossa nova style and rhythms of samba, Metheny has concentrated on his solo career and other projects. After four years of silence, a group `Pat Metheny Group` presented live album ` The Road to You`. In 1995, the album `We Live Here` was released a year later -` Quartet`, and then in 1997 - `Imaginary Day`.The last three plate were far from the Latin style and from the calculation of commercial success. Instead releases experimented with hip- hop drums, acoustic improvisation, symphonic elements and blues sound and the sonata form.

After another pause, a group `Pat Metheny Group` in 2002 released the album ` Speaking of Now`,which, in addition to Metheny, Mays and Rodby, recorded more young musicians : Mexican drummer Antonio Sanchez (Antonio Sanchez), Vietnamese trumpeter Cuong Vu (Cuong Vu) and Cameroonian bassist, vocalist, guitarist and percussionist Richard Bona (Richard Bona).

The album of 2005, `The Way Up`, conducted without Bona. A new member of the group was the Swiss-American harmonica player Gregoire Marais (Gregoire Maret). The latter at the moment, 13 album, won in the nomination Gremmi` ` ` Best Contemporary Jazz albom`

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