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Date of Birth: 08/22/1974

Age: 42

Place of birth: Uttar Pradesh

Citizenship: India


Marital status: Married, has a daughter. In show business since 19 years. Filmography includes about 20 films and television series.

Sudhanshu Pandey says about himself:

I was born in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

I have lived in India all his life. He began his career when I was 19 years old. I worked as a model in the country`s most famous fashion designers like Rohit Bau, JJ Bailo, Hayman Treyedi. As well as working for foreign fashion houses such as Gianfranco Feret, Gabbana - they are all very well known. I had to travel a lot around the country. Because of work, I lived in Delhi (Hindi, Urdu, the capital of India and Mumbai.

In Mumbai, I have a lot of filming for television, advertising, and then I started to play in the series. A career in the series I started thanks to Priya Chopra and a show called "Son". This was followed by Ekta Kapoor of Balazhdi Telefilna, and I was lucky enough to work well in several TV series. I am a singer. However, currently only in the bathroom for themselves, but in addition to my game in the movie, my other passion is singing on stage. I`d be glad to come to Russia and sing for all of their fans, and mneb wanted me to do something for you ossobenno. Ossobenno sing a song for you. I would very much like to come to Russia, to please the fans, because you know me on the series "Two Stars", where I played the hero, nicknamed "Mister."

Eelevizionny series "Two Stars" was the first successful TV project Sudanshu, after which the audience sincerely believe that he has a nasty character and as cruel to people, like his hero, Samir.

raskazyvat Sudanshu:

The series "Two Stars" was very popular in India, it was shown on the National channel. And its popularity has helped, especially to me because I played Don, and I do not know why people believe my game. Filming the show "Two Stars" was fun and I made friends with my brother Karan Oberoi screen. From the beginning we have made friends with him, a lot of jokes on the set, and these jokes worked well. Ossobenno we made friends with the main character Purbi Joshi. It is an emotional and a good-looking actress, but I was more attracted to her great sense of humor. The shooting of the second season was a bit sad for me, because there was no Purbi Joshi and was Pooja Ghai. We have a great time, because enjoyed each other`s company.

Sudanshu film career began thanks to actor Akshay Kumar, to recommend television star Kesha producer Ramsey, who carried out the casting for his project "The player 420". Currently Sudanshu cooperates with Sanjay Gupta and immediately got the role in three of his films.

Describes Sudanshu:

I began a career with the film "The player 420," which played Akshay Kumar, Mahima Choulhri me. This story - a love triangle. This was my first premiere, and while my last premiere of the film is "This is love." Before him, saw the release of "confusion" and before that "Total Recall", where igraliArdzhu Rampal, Priyanka Chopra and me.

You know, we often look for happiness among another`s people. While happiness is hiding somewhere within us.

"Uns" - this is love. "This is love" - ??a film about love again. Cause love is an important part of our lives. Life can not be complete without love. This is a story about love, relationships between three people - two boys and a girl. Guys - it`s me and Sanjay Kapoor and the girl - Rituparno Singupta, it is the heroine of the film. It`s a good movie, there are a lot of love and passion. I want to tell you, my friends, to enjoy an unforgettable experience of shooting, especially the film "The Myth". In it I have worked with Jackie Chan. It`s his movie, in it, I do not play a big role Indians, but it was a wonderful experience. Among my movie premieres, film "Ten Stories", which releases "White Feather". This company Asadzhaya Gupta and Sanjay Dutt. The same company produces another movie with my participation "Ali Buck." As Sanjay Dutt plays.

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