Pan Wenwen

Picture of Pan Wenwen

Age: 4

Place of birth: Shangrao, Jiangxi Province

Nationality: China

Four-year Chinese woman-tourist

Pan Venven - unusual baby. While most children her age go to kindergarten, Chinese with a backpack explores the territory of China, together with their parents.

Girl-tourist has been only one year and three months when her parents packed up and left the house in Shangrao, China (Shangrao, China), to begin the long journey on foot.

The first stop family made in Yunnan (Yunnan), and, according to media reports, every day were backpackers walking about 15-20km.

Still immature, Venven initially could not move on their own for too long, so his parents had to take her in his arms.

The girl`s father, Shifen Pan (Pan Shifeng) said channel CCTV News, that the daughter of the years of wandering accustomed to campaigns, and today Venven able to walk a distance of 30 km.

`Venven learned to be independent, since she was two and a half years - the father said. - She is young and small. Sometimes our daughter is ill, but still so much strength in it, and it is able to overcome any difficulties in its puti`.

Three years spent in traveling, the family visited the Chinese Yunnan, Guangxi (Guangxi), Guizhou (Guizhou) and Sichuan (Sichuan). In the near future Venven preparing together with mum and dad get to Tibet (Tibet).

Spending day after day on the road, baby leads a simple life, as well as her parents. They sleep in tents and include in their diet a variety of wild grasses.

When the story of the girl-tourist has become a viral vinternete, some Chinese users have expressed concern over the fate of Venven. Compassionate strangers said that the girl was supposed to give to the kindergarten, rather than forcing it to wander.

However, parents Venven argue that their baby did travel a much more strong and independent when compared with girls of her age, living in big cities.

backpackers family plans to take a break for a couple of years, so Venven able to attend primary school.