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Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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Born Pablo Pineda (Pablo Pineda) in 1974. I must say that Pineda - not the ordinary person with Down syndrome, because he graduated from University with a bachelor`s degree in educational psychology. By the way, Pineda - the first European with Down syndrome who has graduated from university. He lives today in Malaga (M & # 225; laga), working in the municipality, in the field of education.

The film `I tozhe` (` Yo Tambien`), shot by Alvaro Pastor (& # 193; lvaro Pastor) and Antonio Najarro (Antonio Naharro), Pablo was very close - he played it about himself. Thus, the protagonist of the film, 34-year-old Daniel, patients with Down syndrome, falls in love with `normalnuyu` girl, with whom works in the office. Stunningly realistic, the film shows that Down`s syndrome - this is not a sentence, and Daniel does not differ from all of us - he just loves, suffers and rejoices ... However, the company sees its `takim` not - he was not allowed in bars, it trying to help tie the laces, and, most importantly, he is forbidden to love `normalnyh` women ... in general, the concept of` `normalnosti` in the film I tozhe` very conditional. People all over the world came out of the theater with tears in their eyes and love in your heart.

The film`s director, Pablo says that he was just an amazing person. He completely understands everything about himself, he understands himself much more than many conventional lyudi.On I found the strength to even ironic about his illness. However, here again, the conventions - to say `nedug` true in the case of Pablo Pineda? He`s luckier than many other `normalnyh` Spaniards - he graduated from the university, has an excellent job teaching ... And after the 2009 film` I tozhe` he was also a global celebrity.

Pablo Pineda was able to literally turn the public opinion about people with Down syndrome. `Not worse, not better, but just drugie` - perhaps, just so you can call them. By the way, in one of his interviews, Pineda said that for the first time about the disease, he heard from the doctor, when he was 7 years old. The first thing asked when Pablo was: `` I`m stupid?. And the doctor told him clearly: `Net`. Everything else was it is not so important.

By the way, attention to his person frequently annoyed Pablo before the release of the film - sometimes the journalists called him 30 times a day, because he was the first person with Down syndrome who have graduated from an ordinary school, as well as the first university student.

Pablo Pineda Today, a lot of time giving charity - it seriously helps in the rehabilitation of young people with Down syndrome. In addition to his teaching activities, he works with the Fund `Adecco Foundation`, as well as lectures and collaborates with` Lo que de verdad importa`.

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