Otton Bogatiy

Picture of Otton Bogatiy

Age: 53

Citizenship: Germany


Otto Rich (nem. Otto der Reiche; c. 1075 - February 9, 1123), Graf von Ballenstedt, Duke of Saxony (1112), Count and Asherleben Ascanius, son of Adalbert II von Ballenstedt (ok. 1030-1076/1080) and Adelgeydy Weimar (c. 1055-28 March 1100), the daughter of Otto II of, Count of Weimar.

Otto was the first to be called Count Askaniyskoy and Asherslebenskim. It is also the first in the genus held the title of "Count Anhalt" After the death of his father the Duke Magnus of Saxony, which in 1106 stopped the male offspring Billungskogo home, Otto lay claim to its possession - the Duchy of Saxony, but the Duke was recognized Lothar Supplinburgsky, although Otto and attached to his possessions of the land billung. In 1112 Emperor Henry V appointed still Duke Otto of Saxony, but in zhegodu he entered into a dispute with the emperor, and was stripped of the title of duke. Then Otto teamed up with Lothar against the emperor.

After the termination of the Counts of Weimar dynasty lay claim to their ownership. Otto conquered areas around Zerbst Salzwedel and Slavs.

Wife: Eylika to 1095 (1080-16 January 1142), the youngest daughter of the Duke of Saxony Magnus, the last of the Billungov.ti:

Albert the Bear (ca. 1100 -. 18 November 1170), Count of Ballenstedt and Asherlebena (1123-1170), Margrave of Nyssa brand (1124-1131), Margrave of the North mark (1134-1157), 1st Margrave of Brandenburg (1157-1170) , Duke of Saxony (1138-1141)

Adelgeyda 1st husband: Henry II von Stade (1102-1128), Count von Stade with the 1106 North Margrave brand with 1118; 2nd husband: Werner von Veltheym (died 1170).