Osvaldo Laport

Picture of Osvaldo Laport

Date of Birth: 08/12/1956

Age: 60

Place of birth: Lacaze

Citizenship: Argentina

Osvaldo LaPorte: Pogorelov on "Lovers in the tango"

Now Osvaldo returned to the colorful image Katrielya. He plays muscular handsome in the new telenovela "I - Roma" studio "Pol-ka", started in parallel theatrical season with the play "Taxi 2", and the role of the teacher Franco thing of the past for him. A year ago, when the "Lovers in the tango" were broadcast in Argentina, Laporte experienced is not the best period. The country was in deep crisis, television fever, and ratings have fallen hopelessly serials - "Lovers in the tango" was no exception. Writers and producers make every effort to raise the popularity of the novel, adjusting the development of the plot under the preferences of the public. Osvaldo was always against such a "populist" approach: once rowed openly with the producer "a girl named Destiny" Alejandro Romano for the same reason. Not remained silent at this time, resulting quarreled with the creators of the series, including the director of channel programs "Te le-fe" Claudio Vilyaruelom. The press also got from the actor: he (rightly!) Accused the Argentine media that they are fanning rumors and write about the failure of the series, that is not at all true. Journalists do not remain in debt: sarcastically called the star of the "new Che Guevara" and attributed his rudeness and even excessive drunkenness. During the filming of the series Laporta attempted to rob. He returned late in the evening after work, home, and car robbers blocked his path. However, Osvaldo was not taken aback, managed to turn the wheel and overtake the bandits. Those set off in pursuit and chased him for a long time. On top of all the misfortunes he nearly divorced his wife - actress Viviana Saez, with whom they have lived together for more than 20 years. Their daughter Hasmin turns eight this year. Fortunately, the family crisis is behind us, problems with work, too: Laporta immediately invited to the title role in "I - Roma," and he walked away with "Te le-fe", even being able to rest between shots. Completing work in "Lovers in the tango," Osvaldo has already begun intensively to prepare for a new way: he had to lose weight by four pounds, learn a flamenco dance and put a gold crown on a tooth. Incidentally, in this series, the actor is not only dancing, but also sings. He had two years with his wife taking vocal lessons with a private tutor, and very soon will release its first CD.

By stardom Laporte penetrated more than 10 years. Hailing from a simple family (the star`s father worked in a factory, my mother was a housewife), he is a childhood dream to become a famous artist in the 20 years left his native town of the Uruguayan Lacasa, and arrived in Buenos Aires - without money and documents. Two days later, already enrolled in a drama school Luis Taxco, where, incidentally, he met his future wife Vivian. Looking at the successes of the best student, the chief executive courses Luis Tasca recommended Laporte`s first theater and then television. However, the real success came to the actor only in the early 90s.