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Date of Birth: 09/02/1961

Age: 42.

Place of birth: Santos

Citizenship: Brazil


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He was born in Santos, the city of sun and endless beaches, where he lived, and most of his zhizni.Kak all locals, he loves to sunbathe, swim wear minimum odezhdy.Poetomu its way into Brazil`s business capital Sao Paulo has not been easy, I had come to terms with the lack of beach about a hundred meters from the house, to give up jogging along the edge of the surf and beach futbola.Razlichie in the rhythm of life often knocked him out of the rut, but over time the Oscar Magrini adapted to all and appreciated the charm of a hike in the theater or a museum, beauty local churches and parks, fashion shows and huge shopping tsentry.Ne despite the fact that the profession makes the actor to spend much time in Rio de Janeiro, where he has his own apartment in the district of Barra de Tijuca, he considers himself a real "Paulista" (so-called Brazilians residents of Sao Paulo) and is proud that he knows the city inside out.

He adores the female half of the audience and Oscar finds it completely fair ". Women are always attracted womanizer and rascals, I generally play" And indeed, on account of the actor 12 telenovelas and most of the characters played by Oscar Magrini is louts and adventurers, but all their negative qualities of his characters to be extremely charming tipy.Oskar often jokes about it, and calls his ability to perfectly portray the villains to their "innate talent" In another time this acting ability Oscar Magrini decided to use the author-screenwriter Benedito Ruy Barbosa and invited him to Umberto role in the telenovela "Hope" .Kandidaturu Oscar immediately approved and directed by Luiz Fernando Carvalho, who also worked on the show with him, "Fatal inheritance."

By the way the role of gigolo actor Ralph brought real fame in Brazil and abroad, in Italy and Portugalii.I most interestingly, the very first Oscar playing terribly afraid Ralph - "I am very much afraid that the audience will hate my hero, for his cowardice, lies and pettiness .but it happened the other way around-they love it ... And the women sent me letters with declarations of love! That was a complete surprise for me, because my Ralph often beat his mistress Leia (Silvia Pfeiffer) ... ".Mezhdu way in real life Oscar Magrini man is very intelligent and gentle, it is a faithful husband and an exemplary otets.Uzhe 12, he is married to actress Matilde Maraesh and adores his daughter, 11-year-old Isabel.

After filming the show "Marcas da Paixgo" in 2000 on TV Record, Oscar Magrini was busy in the theater, and then he was invited to appear in Portugal, where he was engaged in two soap operas "Greed" and "Mermaid" In the end in Portugal, he spent more than a year, sometimes coming to Brazil on weekends and holidays. Returning home Oscar resumed rehearsals of the play "Mamae foi Embora", then starred "Carandiru" in the film.

Now he is busy in the series "Hope", where he plays next villain Umberto.No shooting telenovela coming to an end and after the Oscar decided to take some time off to take his wife and daughter to Europe. And after that the actor plans to return to the theater Drafts.


Full name- Oscar Magrini younger.

Date of Birth: 02/09/61.

Sign Virgo zodiaka-

Hometown: Santos and Sao Paulo.

The best place to live in Sao Paulo.

Status: Married

Quality: Honesty.

Disadvantage: Anxiety.

Habit: imitate others.

Fear: Loss of a loved one.

Pride: My daughter is the best thing I did in my life.

From 0 to 10 how vain you: Seven. When I`m in a normal rhythm, I do exercises three times a week. When I`m doing, like now, I do not do anything at all. I do not eat cakes, sweets, and I avoid carbonated beverages.

The best gift (received): The Bible, which is presented to a daughter.

The best gift (given): That wedding ring, which gave his wife.

Favorite role: The one that probably all play seychas.A Ralph of "Meat King" and Agostinho of "Tower of Babel".

The character who would like to play: even greater villain.

My favorite TV program: "Discovery Channel" and "World of Animals"

Not a favorite TV program: live shows and games.

That would never do in a million-dollar hurt another.

Favorite Book: I love to read biographies. Recently, I read "48 signs of power," Robert Green, currently reading "100 Best Stories of the Century" by Italo Moriconi.

Favorite Movie: "Once in America", "Quiet Cool"

Music: My taste is eclectic. I love the Pet Shop Boys, Enigma and MPB.

Favorite drink: wine.

Favorite food: Meat and pasta.

Your weapon of seduction: look and smile.

What I like to receive from the woman he loved: Tenderness.

What I like to give myself: Tenderness.

Day or night: summer- day sun, beach, zagar.Zimoy-night, beautifully dressed, go for a walk, go to a party to friends.

Weekend program: theater, museum, hiking in the FNAC store (books, music CDs) and family.

What`s annoying: lies and indecent people.

Interesting People: Clint Istvud.Chital his biography and loved for direct, equitable.

An interesting woman: My wife. I learned a lot from her.

Your best friend Oscar and Lucas Ademir Latri.

Best trip: honeymoon with Matilda in New Yorke.I our wedding in Las Vegase.My traveled by car to Los Angeles, Vegas, Santa Monica, San Frantsisko.A from America we flew to Portugal.

How did your career begin?

"As a child I loved to copy the people and it was one of the reasons that prompted me to choose a profession aktera.Kstati before that I was a salesman, a teacher of physical education and modelyu.V 1990 I entered the theater group" Boi Voador "in Santos, perhaps how it all began ... "

You are faced with difficulties in the beginning of your career?

"Everything is new always brings some fear and nenadezhnosti.Ya element believe that this is the main difficulty that I faced in the beginning of his karery.No I was ready for it and that was the motivation for me to continue the struggle."

What is your favorite occupation?

"I really enjoyed working on the show" "A Justiceira", I love Ralph role in the TV series "Rei do Gado", my character is supposed to appear only in thirty chapters, but his participation has been extended due to the great success in zriteley.V Ralph finally appeared nearly 135 glav.Eto was great! ".

How do we know you`re a frequent guest at various social events ...

"I participate in various promotions as often as vozmozhno.Dva years ago, I led the caregiver community, which takes care of 150 children of the orphanage, which is located on the street Cataguas, 161 in Sao Paulo."

YOUR still unfulfilled dream?

"All my dreams are associated with professiey.ya love my work, I like my job, the opportunity to change the face and the characters like to bring joy zritelyam.U I have many dreams about the roles and I always wanted to be a little more star in the TV series and would like to play in a movie that would be involved in any international competition for the title of "Best film of the year" .. "

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