Osip-iulian Gorskiy

Picture of Osip-iulian Gorskiy

Citizenship: Russia


Father (as the pedigree) - Julian Vincent-I.-Kazimirovich Gorski, colonel of the Minsk province, steward Mstislavsky province. The service came at 28/08/1804 2 horse artillery battalion cadet; 9 listed in the artillery brigade - 23/08/1806; Lieutenant - 19/02/1897; in 1809 he moved to St. Petersburg Artillery Brigade, and from there in the same year in the 7 and 5 artillery brigade; Lieutenant - 09/02/1811; for the difference in the battles moved to the Life Guards Artillery Brigade - 07.29.1812; Captain - 09.01.1812, with the appointment of the commander of a company in a horse 7 3 Reserve Artillery Brigade; for the difference in the battles of Weissenfels and Bautzen promoted to Captain - 05.09.1813, and for the difference in the capture of Soissons to lieutenant - 02/02/1814; colonel and commander of the 10 Artillery Brigade - 07.13.1816; dismissed wound (was seven times wounded and bruised) Colonel, a uniform and full salary pension - 02/01/1818; determined by the Department of different taxes and fees - 10.24.1818; Caucasian vice-governor with the award in a state councilor - 03/05/1819; Caucasian guberneneyu manages to 16/08/1821.

In his own petition dismissed from office to determine other cases - 05/05/1822, was under investigation for lack of wine in the Caucasian Exchequer, in 1822 in St. Petersburg. Military Merit awarded the Order of Anna 2 and 4 tbsp., George 4 tbsp., A gold sword for bravery and military insignia of the Order of George.

Members of secret societies was not a random participant of the uprising at Senate Square.

He was arrested at 2 am on 15/12/1825 at the apartment, on the same day delivered in the Peter and Paul Fortress ( "send if Gorsky put in Alexis Ravelin without any message to give him the paper, if he asks me to write") in number 12 house Alekseevskogo Ravelin, then