Oscar Hertwig

Picture of Oscar Hertwig

Date of Birth: 04/21/1849

Age: 166

Place of birth: Friedberg

Citizenship: Germany


Oscar Hertwig was born to a wealthy merchant in Friedberg. Shortly after his birth the family moved to Muehlhausen in Thuringia, where Oscar and his younger brother Richard got to secondary school. After leaving school in 1868, the brothers entered the University of Jena.

The brothers Hertwig

Oscar was the elder brother of zoologist Richard Hertwig (1850-1937). Together they become the most famous disciples of Ernst Haeckel and Carl Gegenbaura during their teaching in Jena. Without taking Haeckel philosophical speculation, they are, nevertheless, used his ideas to expand their zoological representations. The first of their research in the years 1879-1883 were embryological their problems based on the biogenetic law. In 1881 Herwig brothers have published extensive work on the whole the theory.

After 10 years, the brothers parted on the north and south of Germany. In 1888, the Academy became a professor of anatomy in Berlin, and Richard in 1885-1925 he held the post of professor of zoology at the University of LMU.

Contribution to science

Oscar Hertwig was leading in the field of comparative and causal developmental biology, and also wrote the leading textbook in the field. On a material of sea urchins he first described the process of nuclear fusion at fertilization the egg, examined the role of the cell nucleus in the inheritance and the phenomenon of meiotic reduction. Along with research in the field of developmental biology, Hertwig opposed the theory of Charles Darwin. The most significant of its publication in the field began in 1916 book