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Date of Birth: 09/03/1955

Age: 61

Place of birth: Rome

Citizenship: Italy

Actress without losing beauty

Childhood and adolescence

Ornella Muti was born on March 9, 1955 in Rome under the name of Francesca Romana Rivella. Her father was a Neapolitan, and his mother was born in Estonia and had Russian roots. Rivella family lived in poverty. His father, who worked as a doctor, soon after the birth of his daughter died. Mother, never having achieved success in film, was left without a penny in his pocket with his two daughters.

In 12 years, Frances turned into a charming girl with a stunning figure, so men began to look at her. Trying to help the family with money, she went to take a desperate step - start to pose in the nude for art college students. Soon her paintings spread throughout the area and came to the school. When her mother found out about it, then whipped her daughter and for a long time it did not talk.

But even then Francesca showed strength of character, saying he would not shy about his body, and that it is better to make a living this way than to steal. This largely determined the fate of the girl. When she was 14 years old, Claudia`s sister persuaded her to go with her to the casting of the film `The most beautiful zhena`, which was written in the newspaper. Claudia tried hard to please the director, but Damiano Damiani looked at Francesca, who came to support her sister in her endeavors.

So, ironically, the actress became one that never dreamed of a movie. The director did not even realized that Francesca 14 years, as she looked at all 18 Diamani approved her for the role, but asked to change his name, as in the cinema was already an actress with the name Francesca became Rivelli.Tak Ornella Muti.

Worldwide popularity

The debut in the film `The most beautiful zhena` (1970) did not become a sensation, but now has been provided Ornella work. I shot it is usually in the low-budget erotic films, but was grateful and that. Muti never shy of his early films and always proud to say that was the first Italian actress who appeared completely naked on the big screen.

Soon candid shots Ornella Muti began to appear in magazines and filled an entire country. Naturally, there was no release from the men. Partner first film Alessio Orano madly in love with an actress, and she had to accept the marriage proposal, when she learned that she was pregnant. After the birth of her daughter Nike they were married. Alessio was a good father, but their marriage did not last long. According Muti, he was not a handsome man for her.

Meanwhile, the actress`s career is gaining momentum. In 1974, she appeared on screen in the role in the film `Vinchentsiny Folk roman`, and two years in scandalous tape Marco Ferreri zhenschina`` Last (1976). These works have had great success and assured critics that Muti has not only beauty, but also talent. Through these films the actress was able to break free from the shackles kinoerotiki and open a door to serious cinema.

Teachers and spiritual guides Ornella became directors Marco Ferreri, and Dino Risi. They saw in it not only a beautiful girl, but also a talented actress. By creating a deep, dramatic paintings, they did everything to Ornella was able to discover their talents. And she succeeded. Movies `episkopa` Room (1977) and` New chudovischa` (1977) consolidated the status Muti most promising actress.

A world-wide fame came to Ornella Muti after reaching the screens comedy `Taming stroptivogo` (1980) with the inimitable Adriano Celentano. The film was very popular abroad, especially in the Soviet Union countries. At the brow ntano actress also starred in `vlyublennyy` Madly (1981), but their union was known not only in the creative plane.

Shortly after the shooting of the film `The Taming stroptivogo` Ornella Muti separated from her second husband, Federico Fakinetti, who was known stockbroker. They met for a long time and had to have two children, but the marriage did not live long. Press actively exaggerated the rumors that the reason for the divorce was the affair with Celentano. Ornella confirmed that she had an affair with the actor, but with Federico she broke up not so. It turns out her husband spent money fraud by using the name Muti, for which he was arrested on charges of embezzlement.

Recent years

In recent years, Ornella Muti, more in films of foreign directors. Her first non-Italian film - a fantasy thriller `Gordon` Flash (1980) - had a lot of popularity, and eventually received a cult status. In 1980 he appeared on the screens of Soviet film `Life prekrasna`, where she played the role of a girl Mary. Among her most famous foreign works - paintings `Once crossed zakon` (1992),` Tsypochki` (2004), `Funny and zagorelye` (2006).

In the late 80-ies Nike daughter Ornella told her that she was pregnant and about to give birth without a father. Despite the fact that Muti was angry at her daughter, she had to put up with it. After all, once she was in the same situation. When Nike gave birth to a son, resourceful journalists immediately come up with a nickname for the actress, calling her `the most beautiful grandmother in mire`.

Indeed, Ornella Muti did not lose the charm. The secret of her beauty that she does not drink and does not smoke, does gymnastics and tries to sleep more. The actress prefers to live in peace and moderation. At the end of the 90s Muti met with renowned plastic surgeon Stefano Piccolo, and now lives with the French billionaire Fabrice Kerherve. She`s happy as never before, because of her life and have a favorite work, and beloved man.

In addition to filming a movie, Muti involved in charity work and business. When she lived in France, he bred vineyards and made wine. Now the actress has its own jewelry line, which includes boutiques in Milan, Rome, Paris, Moscow, Riga, Almaty. She continues to act in films and pleased that her business will continue to children - the daughter of Carolina and Nike have become an actress, and the younger son, Andrea, too, dreams of an acting career.

Once beauty and talent Ornella Muti has conquered Italy, now at her feet the whole world. It still remains one of the most beautiful women in the world; actress, without which the film would be boring and not interesting. And for that it is loved all over the world.

Author: Andrew Puminov

Website: Celebrities

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