Olympia Brown

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Date of Birth: 05/01/1835

Age: 91

Place of birth: Michigan

Citizenship: United States


Olympia Brown was born in 1835 in Michigan. In the nineteenth century it was known suffragette. The word derives from the English. suffrage- suffrage. Distribution suffragette movement received at the end of XIX- beginning of the XX century, mainly in Britain and the United States. Suffragettes actively employed methods of civil disobedience.

Members of this movement strongly advocated women`s suffrage and women against discrimination in general in political and economic life.

Olympia Brown throughout his life believed that all people on this earth are equal, then they are entitled, and equal rights. For her, as for the progressive women, gender, skin color is not played absolutely no value.

Accordingly, the women`s suffrage movement direction flowed into feminism. Olympia Brown, along with her supporters, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, strongly put down women`s rights, which have been constantly violated.

It should be noted incidentally that her friend Stanton firmly believed in universal suffrage, which will be provided in black and white, men and women. Speaking on behalf of black women, denial of their suffrage sentences freed African-American "on a triple addiction, unknown men" - from slavery, sex and race.

Many activists of the movement tried to take part in the vote, even without having the right to do. For this, many of them are paid and brought to justice.

Olympia Brown since childhood fighting for their rights. In particular, while the training of girls in the higher rates was considered a rarity. This could only boast one. And the main reason was not in the education system and the mindset of parents who often did not allow girls to study. But Olympia`s mother was just out of the progressive population. She was able to graduate from the University of Antioch and obtain a Bachelor of Arts.

She was able to convince everyone that the courses for girls - this occupation laudable and very useful. Despite the fact that many in the ministry were against this idea, she was able to convince the majority of the early realization of this project.

There were some differences in education between men and women of that time. For example, in the classroom, the girls could not learn it, they prepared for the performance. In turn, for men this procedure was mandatory. Thus, it turned out that teachers questioned the ability of girls to the oratory. Olympia Brown thought it was very unfair. Thus, in class, in spite of all her opinions, and teachers primarily revealed that there are no differences in the brains of the two sexes.

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