Oliwia Dabrowska

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Age: 26

Citizenship: Poland

The girl in a red coat, "I was horrified by his own role"

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

Website: Celebrities

In 1993, Olivier was only 3 years old; This, however, did not prevent her to play even a small, but crucial to the narrative point of view, the role in the acclaimed drama `List Shindlera`. Olivia appeared before the audience as in the truest sense of the word only bright spot in the entire film - a bright red coat her character was the only element of color in a black and white picture.

Story of a girl in a red coat - not the invention of Steven Spielberg (Steven Spielberg); the basis of one of the key scenes of the film formed several stories of the Second World War. Part of the raw materials required to Steven Spielberg and writer actress Roma Ligocka (Roma Ligocka), cousin of film director Roman Polanski (Roman Polanski). Once she herself had to go through the horrors of the ghetto; She, however, managed to not only survive in this nightmare, but also find the courage to describe their experiences in the biographical work `Girl in red palto`.

Now, 20 years after the release of the film, Olivia turned from a little girl to a young woman; experiences on the set, but she remembers to this day. It is interesting that in his time on his acting debut Olivia responded rather ambiguously - the first time to see themselves on the silver screen she was able to only 11 years, and seen it simply shocked. The parents and relatives tried to explain to Olivia are shown in the movie and show the importance of a painstaking restoration of the most horrible memories of that era; girl, however, in its 11 years to fully absorb could not clearly heard. A mixture of horror, disgust and shame experienced by Olivia viewing `List Shindlera` finally left her only 18 years - only Dabrowska was able to fully appreciate and understand the importance of painting inherited her image. The film is directed by Steven Spielberg such an outcome, incidentally, provided - at the time, he urged Olivia to refrain from viewing the picture at least 18 years.

Now Olivia focuses on learning; however, with the actor`s activity is not fully parted so far - although it is a game for it is only a kind of hobby. In the future, he plans to do Dabrowska publishing.