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Date of Birth: 07/26/1968

Age: 48

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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Olivia Williams (Olivia Haigh Williams) was born in 1968 in London, England (London, England), in a family of lawyers (barristers).

After graduating from Cambridge College Newnham (Newnham College, Cambridge) with a major in English literature, Olivia began to study dramatic art at Bristol Theatre School (Bristol Old Vic Theatre School). After that, the young actress spent several years in the Royal Shakespeare Company (Royal Shakespeare Company) in London.

In 1995, Olivia with the troupe has toured the United States occupied in the play `Richard III` (Richard III).

The first notable role as Olivia Williams became the character of Jane Fairfax (Jane Fairfax) in British television melodrama `Emma` (Emma) on the novel by Jane Austen (Jane Austen).

Debut in the movie became an actress 1997 - when she got a role in the sci-fi thriller `Pochtalon` (The Postman), director and leading actor which made Kevin Costner (Kevin Costner). In the same year, Olivia appeared in the military melodrama `War Gastona` (Gaston`s War).

The following year, Williams has played one of the key characters in the drama comedy by Wes Anderson (Wes Anderson) `Academy Rashmor` (Rushmore).

1999, the year brought the actress immense popularity with the release of blockbuster `Sixth chuvstvo` (The Sixth Sense) with Bruce Willis (Bruce Willis) in the title role, which Oliviidostalsya one of the key characters - Anna (Anna Crowe).

Together with Antonio Banderas (Antonio Banderas), Olivia played in 2000, took the lead role in the film `Telo` (The Body). In addition to this work, in the same year and played Olivia in the British comedy, David Kane (David Kane) `romantikom` Born (Born Romantic).

Generally, the actress filmography has about 40 television and movies, the most notable of which is considered as `Pen` Peter (Peter Pan, 2003), a military drama` Kill korolya` (To Kill a King, 2003), the drama `Education chuvstv` (An Education, 2009) and the thriller by Roman Polanski (Roman Polanski) `Prizrak` (The Ghost Writer, 2009).

In 2009, Olivia won the role vbritanskoy musical biographical drama `Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll` (Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll), and in 2010 was employed in the Canadian-American comedy` Collaborator`.

In 2011, Olivia Williams can be seen in the movie `Hana` (Hanna) expected in the spring, co-produced in the USA, Germany and the UK.

Among the series featuring Olivia - `Dolbanutye` (Spaced),` Druzya` (Friends), `Puppet dom` (Dollhouse),` Terery` (Terriers).

It is known that in November 2003, Olivia was married to American actor and playwright Rush Stone (Rhashan Stone). In a family with two children - Esme Ruby (Esm & # 233; Ruby) born in 2004 and Roxanne Mae (Roxana May), born in 2007.

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